BREAKING: U.S. To Send Weapons to Aid Syrian Rebels

Free Syrian Army soldiers in Idlib

The New York Times’ front page story this morning is that the Obama administration has finally decided to send firearms to aid the Syrian rebels. These guns (at the moment, only small arms like AK pattern rifles, not including anti-tank or anti-air missiles) will be handed out without any background checks, registration or other hallmarks of the gun control plans that president Obama says are necessary in the United States . . .

From the Times:

The Obama administration, concluding that the troops of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria have used chemical weapons against rebel forces in his country’s civil war, has decided to begin supplying the rebels for the first time with small arms and ammunition, according to American officials.

The officials held out the possibility that the assistance, coordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency, could include antitank weapons, but they said that for now supplying the antiaircraft weapons that rebel commanders have said they sorely need is not under consideration.

There’s no doubt that this will be an interesting juxtaposition should the gun control debate heat back up.

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