1 in 12 of MAIG’s List of Victims was Shot By Police, Armed Citizen in Self Defense

Michael Bloomberg (courtesy henican.com)

A couple days ago it was revealed that the Boston Bomber was on MAIG’s list of “gun violence” victims. Which raised the question: how many of the names on MAIG’s list are actually criminals? Turns out it’s around 10% . . .

From the Washington Examiner:

A preliminary analysis of the list of shooting “victims” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is reading at rallies for new gun control laws finds that one in 12 are crime suspects killed by police or armed citizens acting in self-defense.

The review of 617 killings found that 50 were suspects in crimes ranging from assault to murder, not the type of violence Bloomberg’s group suggests in its “No More Names” campaign to draw attention to the estimated 6,000 gun death “tragedies” since the mid-December Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newton, Conn.

This raises another question: are criminals who are killed while committing crimes actually victims? In the minds of MAIG, I guess being shot by a gun is like instantly being turned from a sinner into a saint.