The Failed State of Chiraq

Listen to the local Congresscritter and you’ll hear that the problem is a lack a resources (read: tax dollars). The Police Commissioner laughably continues to blame the supposed easy availability of guns from Chicago’s suburbs. Others who nominally run America’s most corrupt state still push an assault weapons ban, despite the gang members who are happy to tell the film maker, above, “We don’t use assault rifles in Chicago. We get up on you, baby.” It’s possible that . . .

after years of failure and blame-shifting, the Chicago PD may finally be starting to focus their efforts where they can do the most good. It would probably be churlish to suggest that this new emphasis has anything to do with the spillover of crime from the city’s south side to the tourist mecca that is the Magnificant Mile,¬†threatening business.

Meanwhile, city and state anti-gunners continue to fight concealed carry tooth and nail because, as they’ll tell you, it’s a gun problem, not a crime problem. ¬† [h/t Shawn C.]