Wait, Who Are The Responsible Ones Again?

By Pascal A story at courier-journal.com (behind an annoying pay wall) details the aftermath of a recent automobile-deer interface when a LEO arrived on the scene: “I went inside to get my gun, and when I came out, my wife told me that (the officer) said he couldn’t do it,” Anderson said. “She said he had tears in […]

FNS-9 Contest Entry: Asking the Harder Questions

By Hineni An open letter to the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Union for Reform Judaism: I grew up attending a Conservative schul, but as a member of the military on active duty, I have found a wonderful home at both Reform and Conservative synagogues through many different duty stations. I also became […]

New From Secure Firearm Products: Secure-Mat

Are you always losing your gun’s little jumbly bits when you take it down for cleaning? Not any more. Not if you use Secure Firearm Products’ new Secure-Mat. They’ve embedded a magnet in the corner to hold those hard-to-corral parts until you’re ready to put your mohaska back in one piece . . .

Quote of the Day: A Terrifying Reality Edition

  “The argument that owning an assault weapon leads to greater security is specious. In fact, owning a weapon in order to use it for self-protection is not self-defense. It is vigilante law enforcement. That makes for entertaining movies and a terrifying reality.” – Sally Higginson in Highland Park Council Votes to Ban Assault Weapons […]

FNS-9 Contest Entry: A Tale of Two Muskets

By Lance F. My family and I are missionaries in Africa and I am a regular reader of TTAG when the internet allows. My two favorite hobbies are hunting and guns.  Since I have not been able to pursue my gun hobby and will never get to hunt here, my wife was more then supportive […]

FNS-9 Contest Entry: Freedom Isn’t Free…Or Cheap

By Charles5 We have all heard the phrase “freedom isn’t free” countless times, usually in conjunction with a patriotic reminder of the sacrifices that our service members have made to preserve our liberty. Hundreds of thousands have died or been permanently disabled on both foreign and domestic battlefields in that pursuit. Many that have survived […]