Trayvon Martin Attorneys Respond to Cellphone Pics, Texts

Benjamin Crump (courtesy

You may recall yesterday post Trayvon Martin Was a Gun-Wielding Dope Smoking Delinquent Into Street Fighting. The Martin family attorneys have responded to the release of the deceased teen’s cell phone pictures and texts. Ben Crump issued the following statement:

“The only photos or videos that are relevant or admissible at trial are those of Trayvon taken the day he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. There is no evidence that Trayvon neither had gold teeth, nor gave anybody the finger the night he was shot and killed. Therefore, those pictures are irrelevant and will not be admitted into evidence . . .

“Is the defense trying to prove Trayvon deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman because [of] the way he looked? If so, this stereotypical and close-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused George Zimmerman to get out of his car and pursue Trayvon, an unarmed kid who he didn’t know. The pretrial release of these irrelevant red herrings is a desperate and pathetic attempt by the defense to pollute and sway the jury pool.

“The evidence that will be admitted at trial is the legally documented history of George Zimmerman’s propensity for violence, such as his arrest for battery on a law enforcement officer, his injunction to prevent domestic violence taken out by his ex-girlfriend, and evidence of his training as a bouncer for Data Whore Productions, Inc.”

Martin attorney Natalie Jackson was equally offended if slightly more pithy.

“The photo and documents released by George Zimmerman’s defense team today are irrelevant to his guilt or innocence. Their release was meant solely to prejudice a potential jury pool in the days leading up to the trial. As the Zimmerman defense knows, it is highly unlikely that any of these red herrings will even be admitted into evidence at trial.”

If the Martin family (and the prosecutor) think they can introduce evidence about George Zimnmerman’s character while blocking similar testimony or evidence about Mr. Martin’s character, they’re wrong. And they know it.