Question of the Day: What You Gonna Do When They Come for You?

Addressing the throngs at the NRA convention, Wayne LaPierre said “They will never take our guns. Never!” Yes, well, we shall see. Gun confiscation is coming. How could it not in New York, where the SAFE Act criminalizes thousands of previously legal gun owners who will refuse to register their “assault rifles” or “high capacity” magazines or, God forbid, load eight rounds in a ten round magazine outside of a registered firing range? So, what happens when the po-po show up at your door, warrant in hand? Do you acquiesce and hand ’em over? Or do you, as Mr. Ector suggests, unload them first (for safety’s sake)? What if you’re not first in line; the gun grabbers have already knocked on a few dozen doors? [Rick Ector runs the Firearms Academy of Detroit]