New from Henry Repeating Arms: The Original Henry Rifle

Anthony Imperato holds The Original Henry Rifle (ish) (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Henry jefe Anthony Imperato tells TTAG that the New Jersey gunmaker’s busy building The Original Henry Rifle. The “we don’t call it a reproduction rifle” reproduction rifle is set to ship in September, complete with one-piece octagonal barrel, folding ladder rear sight and fancy American walnut buttstock with hardened brass buttplate. It’s “virtually identical” to its history-making forerunner; .44-40 caliber cartridge compatibility being the sole exception (the 1860 version shot .44 Rimfire). Well, there’s another key difference: the modern Henry is less likely to see action than a certain gun blogger I could name. And OK, another one: price. A vintage Henry with pedigree can fetch a cool quarter mil. Henry will sell you a modern version for a mere $2300. Cheap at half the price.