Maryland Bans 81 Guns by Name‘s Emily Miller provides a list of the 81 guns banned by the Maryland legislature in the bill Governor O’Malley signed last Thursday. “The list makes it obvious that Mr. O’Malley does not understand how firearms function,” Ms. Miller opines. “This legislation was written on emotion, not fact. Unfortunately, the good citizens of Maryland will have their Second Amendment rights infringed upon by this ambitious, term-limited governor.” Ya think? List after the jump . . .

Manufacturers A: AA Arms AP–9 semiautomatic pistol;American Arms Spectre da Semiautomatic carbine; AK–47 in all forms; Algimec AGM–1 type semi–auto; AR 100 type semi–auto; AR 180 type semi–auto; Argentine L.S.R. semi–auto; Australian Automatic Arms SAR type semi–auto; Auto–Ordnance Thompson M1 and 1927 semi–automatics;

Manufacturers B-C: Barrett light .50 cal. semi–auto; Beretta AR70 type semi–auto; Bushmaster semiautomatic pistol; Bushmaster semi–auto rifle; Calico models M–100 and M–900; CIS SR 88 type semi–auto;Claridge HI TEC C–9 carbines; Claridge HI–TEC semiautomatic pistol; Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle;

Manufacturers D-F: D Max Industries semiautomatic pistol; Daewoo MAX 1 and MAX 2, aka AR 100, 110C, K–1, and K–2; Dragunov Chinese made semi–auto; Encom MK–IV, MP–9, or MP–45 semiautomatic pistol; Famas semi–auto (.223 caliber); Feather AT–9 semi–auto;FN LAR and FN FAL assault rifle; FNC semi–auto type carbine; F.I.E./Franchi LAW 12 and SPAS 12 assault shotgun; Steyr–AUG–SA semi–auto;

Manufacturers G-I: Galil models AR and ARM semi–auto; Heckler and Koch HK–91 A3, HK–93 A2, HK–94 A2 and A3; Heckler and Koch semiautomatic SP–89 pistol; Holmes model 88 shotgun;Holmes MP–83 semiautomatic pistol; Ingram MAC 10/11 semiautomatic pistol and variations including Partisan Avenger and the SWD Cobray; Intratec TEC–9/DC–9 semiautomatic pistol in any centerfire variation;

Manufacturers K-R: Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format; Manchester Arms “Commando” MK–45, MK–9; Mandell TAC–1 semi–auto carbine; Mossberg model 500 Bullpup assault shotgun; Sterling Mark 6; P.A.W.S. carbine; P.A.W.S. type semiautomatic pistol; Ruger mini–14 folding stock model (.223 caliber);

Manufacturers S: SIG 550/551 assault rifle (.223 caliber); SKS with detachable magazine; Skorpion semiautomatic pistol; Spectre double action semiautomatic pistol (Sile, F.I.E., Mitchell); AP–74 Commando type semi–auto; Springfield Armory BM–59, SAR–48, G3, SAR–3, M–21 sniper rifle, M1A, excluding the M1 Garand; Street sweeper assault type shotgun; Striker 12 assault shotgun in all formats;

Manufacturers U-W: Unique F11 semi–auto type; Daewoo USAS 12 semi–auto shotgun; UZI 9mm carbine or rifle; UZI semiautomatic pistol; Valmet M–76 and M–78 semi–auto; Weaver Arms “Nighthawk” semi–auto carbine; Weaver Arms semiautomatic Nighthawk pistol; Wilkinson Arms 9mm semi–auto “Terry”; and Wilkinson semiautomatic “Linda” pistol.



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Robert Farago is the Publisher of The Truth About Guns (TTAG). He started the site to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.

140 Responses to Maryland Bans 81 Guns by Name

  1. avatarmatt says:

    Did they really ban the FAMAS? Is there even one in the state to ban? Banned the Mossberg 500 bullpup but not the KSG? Glad these guys dont know what theyre doing.

  2. avatarThe mayor of Candor says:

    The Mini-14 with the folding stock. Jesus Christ.

  3. avatarOld Ben turning in grave says:

    Banned AR and AK. Perhaps the most commonly used rifles. That can’t square with Heller. Legal actions in progress, I assume. These things really do need to get to the SCOTUS as soon as possible.

    • avatarPeter says:

      Says they banned the ak47……not the ak74 though.

      • avatarKevinMA says:

        Or AKM for that matter, which is actually the basis for most current AK models.

        • avatarSaul Feldstein says:

          They certainly DID ban all variants of the AK platform. Under group K:

          “Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format”

        • avatarC says:

          Yep, Better call Saul.

      • avatarAndrew Snyder says:

        Actually if you read closer they banned all AK’s but went out of their way to ban the AK47 twice.

    • avatarBLAMMO says:

      They know they can pass an unconstitutional law in an instant but it takes years or decades to get it overturned. If it is overturned, they can ignore the ruling as long as possible (like they do in Chicago), then replace it with another unconstitutional law.

    • avatarPK says:

      While I personally agree with your reasoning, if it were that simple we could have M16s and M4s. Aren’t they common here?

      • avatarHannibal says:

        um… no, they aren’t, actually.

        • avatarPK says:

          Every police agency, all branches of military, and one of the most common pre-86 MGs. That’s not “in common use”?

        • I’ve never met a police officer with a department issued M16 that hasn’t been converted to semi-auto. Military doesn’t really count as they are not for civilian use. And a $20K rifle that takes 6-12 months to acquire and where there are less than (guessing here) 50K registered as still out there? Does not seem to me to meet the definition of “common use”.

  4. avatarpc_load_letter says:

    Wonder what LWRCI is going to do. They have been somewhat silent lately. Nothing on their forums or their facebook page.

    Would love to see them move but doubt they will. I’m sure they’re very dedicated to their employee’s who most likely can’t move.

    • avatarQuinn says:

      It is not easy to move even a small factory. Plus it takes money. Some companies have legal commitments to the places they are at.
      Even when a company does move it takes time to hire and train new employees. Easy to say XYZ Firearms ought to move. When it is your money on line you see things in a different light. I will not condemn some company when I don’t know all the facts.
      I am glad to see some companies are able to move.

  5. avatarron smith says:

    Can someone say lawsuit? Shall not be infringed!

    • avatarJim R says:

      Go ahead and sue. In the meantime the law will be enforced and thousands of citizens will have their rights stripped away.

  6. avatarjerry says:

    The really sad part, the part that makes one wonder why even fight this, is that the majority of voters in Maryland(and other true blue states) probably support this. Or, they won’t hate it enough to oust the democrats who enacted this nonsense.

    • avatarJohn Baba says:

      You have hit the nail on the head right here. As a Marylander, it is very depressing to see how so few counties and Baltimore city really control the whole state. Before the SB281 bill was passed, at the General Assembly down in Annapolis, we had at least 3K if not 4K supporters there, and there were maybe about 100 anti-gun protesters. Who do you think was on TV, not the 3-4 thousand! The media is so damn biased, not just here, but very deeply here, that we could not even get fair coverage. The list of banned weapons is so disparetly convoluted, as it makes no sense at all. Most of those rifles I have NEVER even read about being used in a crime!! There are many ways to cause harm to a good amount of people without using these weapons, but common sense does not prevail here in MD when it comes to the government, fairness and honesty.

      It makes me sick to think that there are several that I have wanted for a long time, but now, I will NEVER be able to purchase unless I move.

  7. avatarA. Wong says:

    The M1A is banned. What kind of insanity….oh right. It’s a gun ban. They’re ALL insane.

    • avatarDrewN says:

      Has anyone ever commited a crime with a M1A? Ever? Much less an (heavy as hell) M-21.

      • avatarC says:

        If you can afford one, you probably don’t need to knock over a liquor store. …Unless you spent all of your money on the gun.

  8. avatarJohnny says:

    Did they just copy paste the list of guns banned by name in Canada?

    Nowhere else have I seen the Barrett M82 referenced as the “Barrett light .50 cal. semi–auto”.

    • avatar1911A1 says:

      AND, they only banned Ronnie Barrett’s gun. How many manufacturers make .50BMG rifles? I guess all those are OK, right Governor?

    • avatarbart says:

      It says “light” .50. There is certainly nothing light about the M99 or M82A

  9. avatarNickS says:

    “Dragunov Chinese made semi–auto”

    There are so few examples of these in the country that I can’t imagine this would have much impact in Maryland. The Russian versions are apparently perfectly legal, though, as I don’t see the SVD or Tigr on the list. At least Maryland’s anti’s have good taste. I guess. Or they’re idiots. Yeah, that sounds much more likely.

    • avatarNickS says:

      This was originally supposed to be an edit, but that has apparently disappeared into the ether…

      They also banned the FNFAL. Maryland, “The Free State,” banned the “right arm of the free world.” Brilliant.

      • avatarJT says:

        “FN FAL assault rifle”

        There is no such thing. Assault rifles are select fire, semi-auto FALs are not. Assault rifles are chambered in intermediate cartridges, FALs are not. It also specifies the FN FAL and makes no mention of rifles made by other companies, such as the popular DSA SA-58.

        I would also like to throw in “SIG 550/551 assault rifle (.223 caliber)”

        550 isn’t sold to civilians and the 551 that is isn’t an “assault rifle” since it isn’t select fire. No mention of the 556 that is more practical anyway because it takes AR mags.

        Finally “Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle”

        One could argue that the 7.62 AR-10 rifles are not imitations of the AR-15. Nor are the piston guns offered by SIG, H&K, Ruger, and many others.

        • avatarJohn Baba says:

          Well, AR 10′s and all 7.62 AR’s are still legal here, for now. :-) Who knows next year, there is just no ryhme or reason to the choices on this list. They must have thrown darts at a board or something.

    • avatarSaul Feldstein says:

      They are not as stupid as you think. Under grouping K:

      “Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format”

      Certainly they can and will extend the argument the Dragunov is an AK “format.”

      • avatarsizzlin bacon says:

        However, you could argue that the Russian Dragunov is not an AK but rather something else, given the caliber (7.62×54) and not the typical 7.62×39 of the AK.

        • avatarTCBA_Joe says:

          It’s saving grace would be that it has a distinct operating system from AK style rifles, even 54R variants like the PSL.

      • avatarNickS says:

        As has been mentioned already, the SVD does not share the same internal operating design as the AK, nor was it designed by Kalashnikov (remember, Avtomat Kalashnikov means “Kalashnikov’s Self-loading Rifle).

        Say what you will about the Russians and their collectivist past, they made a point to name weapons after the individuals who designed them. The SVD was designed by Yevgeny Dragunov, and carries the (translated) designation “Dragunov’s Marksman Rifle.”

        They can, and will (if pushed), extend the argument to the SVD. Unfortunately, the specificity of the law as it is written makes that a losing argument. It would never see a day in court, however, as amending the “list” would likely be much easier.

        Ultimately, though, my intent wasn’t to find a way to off-load my (sadly nonexistent) private collection of SVDs to Marylanders, but to point out the futility of any lists associated with gun bans. There are alternatives to so many of the rifles listed above… I just found the Chinese version of the SVD to be such an oddball choice that I picked it for the example. The mini-14/mini-30 example provided in the comments above illustrates the point as well.

      • avatarJohn Baba says:

        No, the Druganov and all variants fall under the AK subtitle heading as being banned. And to many there is an argument as the the LETTER of the LAW or the INTENT of the LAW if it is ONLY the Colt Hbar that is allowed or if other manufacturers of Hbar AR’s are even allowed. Lots of disinformation, with state officials unwilling to distinguish what they mean, or clarify any confusion.

  10. avatarDrVino says:

    Not to be a vulture, but I am willing to help some Marylander by taking an AK ’74 (5.45×39) off their hands.

    • avatardwb says:

      cash and carry if its not on the list. lol

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      All of these guns are grandfathered in. You’d actually be screwing Marylanders by taking these out of state.

      • avatarDrVino says:

        If they are grandfathered in without registration and confiscation upon death, then they are lucky.

        If there is confiscation upon death, then that sucks.

        • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

          Your children will, in fact, be able to inherit your otherwise-banned guns.

        • avatarDrVino says:

          Sorry. NO. “Registered Assault Weapons” are routinely turned into FFLs and contractors by the dearly bereaved in this state so they can be disposed of.

  11. avatarTommy Knocker says:

    HA HA HA….they forgot to ban all those AUTOMATIC NUCLEAR TIPPED ROCKET LAUNCHER THINGS THAT GO UNDER THE BARREL RIGHT BY THE McCarthy DEVICE !!! Feinstein, Boxer and Scumer are gonna be really mad now !

    • avatartfunk says:

      You, sir, made me smile

    • avatarMike says:

      I thought they were Ok as long as they did not have that shoulder thing that goes up

      • avatarTom in Oregon says:

        Oh crap.
        Ok, after spewing. I thought we were going to abide by the SALT II treaty
        Stop letting them know we have the shoulder thing that goes up. And that our magazines will be useless once we read, I mean fire all of the bullets in them..

    • avatarTim U says:

      You forgot the shoulder things that go up.

      The horror!

  12. avatarDon says:

    Holy crap, they banned the M1A.

    So is this the story? The end? Are there any groups fighting this legally?

  13. avatarMark N. says:

    Such oddities. M1A is gone, but the Garand is OK. Mini-14 folding stock bad, all others GTG.

    • avatarJeff O. says:

      So get a Mini-30 with folding stock? ;)

    • avatarlegoman0721 says:

      It’s a good thing my SKS is such a pain to load with stripper clips. If it had an evil detachable magazine it would be an assault weapon of death and destruction! /sarc

  14. avatarOHgunner says:

    I challenge them to find a single crime (outside of pure possession or hunting violations) that has been committed in MD with any of these guns. If they can’t find a substantial number of crimes, how can they say that they are improving public safety with these bans?

    • avatarJusBill says:

      That’s easy – it was written by delusional crack addicts. Don’t believe it? Church Circle in Annapolis any morning at 2 am.

    • avatarBob2 says:

      Ah, there is the answer in that question. It is not about reducing crime, it is about making the citizenry incapable of fighting tyranny. If they were truly interested in fighting crime, they would be looking at an entirely different classification of firearms.

    • avatarAndrew Snyder says:

      No .50 cal rifle has been used in the commision of a crime. The closest it comes is it was once brought along for the ride while a criminal used another gun to a store, the funny thing is the .50 was so big and heavy it impeded his escape, he even had trouble navigating the doors with it. It actually played a huge role in the criminal getting caught.

      This is true to the best search I could do about a year ago, but I have not heard of any crimes involving a 50 since.

      So there is one gun at least.

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      A couple people were murdered with an AK back in 2011 or 2012. So you might think twice about this argument.

  15. avatarMarc says:

    How come all of these laws mention the sig 550/551, but never the 556?

    And in this stupid example, the 550/551, but not 556, 516, 716, M400, etc.

    I love how the colt match HBAR is specifically excepted…this is almost hilarious!

    • avatarJeff says:

      Because most of these laws are written using the same generic list of guns that was originally created some time in the late 80s or early 90s.

      Seriously. If you pay attention, the list of models almost never changes over the years.

      They just dig out the old floppy disk and load up BADGUNS.TXT in Notepad every time a new name-ban bill is written.

  16. avatarKevinMA says:

    Note: Mossberg 500 Bullpup, pump action shotgun. M-21 Sniper Rifle: Bolt action rifle (hunting rifle). Surprised the Mosin Nagant didn’t make the list. This list truly shows plain stupidity over factual evidence consider what they included and what they didn’t. Final agenda is obviously a complete ban on all civilian firearms. People are fortunately starting to take notice. I’m actually glad they’ve gone as far as they did. It’s no longer death by 1,000 cuts, they went for broke and woke up those that didn’t get it before.

  17. avatarTed says:

    So would my Zastava PAP be banned under this law?

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Yes, or such is the current interpretation. But remember that all guns are grandfathered in.

  18. avatarSammy says:

    Quit giving them ideas!

  19. avatarVon says:

    “Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle;”

    What is the difference from a Bushmaster with a heavy barrel?

  20. avatarJoshuaS says:

    Think it will stand up in court? CA courts struck down an attempt to ban AKs and ARs by types. Which is why certain Colt ARs are fine, but essentially identical ones, lacking the CA as part of the model number, are not (seriously, that is the only difference between banned by name and good to go). And why I can still find AK-47′s for sale in So. Cal.

    The Court ruled that such a restriction is unconstitutionally vague and that an average person, considering the variations on furniture and the like, would not be able to readily identify the differences.

    • avatarPascal says:

      Yeah, so what? The point is to use the courts as a hammer. Even what they did is illegal, is will take years,a millions of dollars in court fees. They know this so they do not care. The state has infinite time and tax dollars. That is their play.

      They do not give a hoot about safety or saving lives given the stupid weapons on the the list, this is all about control and a political agenda.

    • avatarDaveL says:

      an average person, considering the variations on furniture and the like, would not be able to readily identify the differences.

      Experience has shown that the police can’t readily identify the differences either. Just confiscate the gun, jail the owner, and let the DA decide if any crime has actually been committed.

  21. avatarChuckN says:

    “The list makes it obvious that Mr. O’Malley does not understand
    how firearms function,”

    This may be a great way to combat this PR-wise. Just start
    hammering him and the legislature for so blatantly showing
    their ignorance.

    • avatarC says:

      Personal attacks are something the right tends to avoid. And that’s why they keep losing. Mud slinging gets results! If you know that the other guy’s wife blew a circus midget in the bathroom at a Slayer concert, make a commercial about it!

  22. avatarjanklow says:

    it should also be noted that some guns on this list might not even exist.

    yeah, it’s a stupid ban, but this is what happens when you make a stupid “regulated firearms” list into a stupid “banned firearms” list.

  23. avatarPascal says:

    All they did is copy the CT ban list.

  24. avatarRoger says:

    They specifically banned the SPAS-12, a $2,000 conversation piece for movie buffs that’s been out of production for 13 years, but left out Benelli’s cheaper, lighter, more reliable, and far superior convertible shotguns. Not to mention TriStar’s TEC-12.

    I’d be angrier if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

    • avatarPatriot says:

      That’s because the SPAS-12 is SCARY and it was used to kill dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, so there is no reason why anyone should ever own one. I mean really, what would you NEED that kind of firepower for, plan on hunting any extinct animals anytime soon? hahahahahaha…

      Yeah this is exactly how libtards fight.

  25. avatarMick says:

    To anyone from Maryland, I’m offering my services of free storage for your toys. I will groom and feed them only the best ammo and offer only the best of care until you have an opportunity to move out of state and pick them up on your way to a constitutionally oriented new home. Best of luck on getting across the border to a free state.

  26. avatarJim says:

    Note that they only banned these listed guns from future sale. You can keep them if you own them before 1 Oct. 2013. I like to refer to this bill as the “Maryland Firearms Modernization Act of 2013″. Only 20+ year old guns are on the list, modern firearms like the SCAR, ACR, ARX-100, PS-90, TAVOR, are all still legal and will be cash and carry. Stupid people make stupid laws. I’ll take a few SCAR’s since I can’t buy another AR-15 (I’ve got plenty of those already).

    • avatarTCBA_Joe says:

      The ACR would likely fall under “Bushmaster Semi-Automatic Rifle”

      The Robinson XCR and Sig 556 series are not listed there, and as you noted neither is the SCAR, ARX-100, and TAVOR, among others.

      I wonder if the Sig HALO and MPX would hold up so long as they use the proprietary bufferless receivers.

      • avatarjanklow says:

        the listed Bushmaster semi-auto is NOT the same thing as the ACR.

        • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

          Correct. The Bushmaster rifle referenced by this list is a very specific, very old, non-AR-15, non-ACR rifle.

  27. avatarShawnK says:

    Why would they ban the SKS but leave the M1 Garand ?

    • avatarJusBill says:

      Because they’re ignorant.

    • avatarAlphapod says:

      Because the Garand is too iconic and too many people know what it is and how it operates (roughly). It’s been in too many video games and too many movies, so people actually know how it works and would find a ban on it ridiculous. Meanwhile, your average citizen doesn’t know what an SKS is, and so just thinks of it as a Generic Evil Black Rifle(TM).

    • avatarCrazy Joe says:

      “Historical value” (even though the Thompson has basically the same historical value, although when computed in the gun grabbers Historical Value vs Evil Assault Weapon algorithm the M1 has a much higher Historic:Evil ratio than the Thompson.

    • avatarJim says:

      Maybe it’s the folding bayonet that comes with it. That makes an SKS far more lethal.

    • avatarJT says:

      They are legal as long as you keep the standard 10 round fixed mag according to what is listed.

  28. avatarLisa says:

    The most ridiculous thing on this list is that they are banning all AR15 imitations…all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle. How can they even hold this up in a court of law. They all work off the same principle? Stupidity at its’ finest.

  29. avatarBrian says:

    To all my northern neighbors seeking (relative) freedom:

    You are welcome to move to Virginia provided:

    1. You vote pro-gun rights.

    2. You take a drivers ed. class, you guys are TERRIBLE!

    3. You stop rooting for the Twerps (Wa Hoo Wa).

    If you can abide by those rules the first beer is on me for the first 50 who show proof of residency.

    • avatarshawn says:

      VA drivers are the f’n worst not MD.

      • avatarJoshuaS says:

        You both are atrocious, at least North Virginia and Maryland…worst driving I ever experienced. And I thought the Bay Area in CA was bad…I was missing it after living in Northern Virginia for a while.

        Best drivers I have ever met were in Wyoming…so courteous…

        • avatarMatt in Nj says:

          You should see PA drivers. Course they have way more 2a freedom than we do:(

  30. avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    No kel-tec? Guess they’re so bloody rare they’re not worth banning. ..

    • avatarint19h says:

      They’re probably just not sufficiently up to date, seeing how KT guns (and, in particular, my beloved Sub-2000) were in Feinstein’s abortion of an AWB.

  31. avatarAPBTFan says:

    At least they banned Wilkinson firearms. They only quit making what few they did make in what, the early to mid 80′s? Any Wilkinson you run into nowadys is an expensive collector’s piece. 1/3 of those guns haven’t been made in years and are collectibles.

    Proof positive that list of “bad” firearms has been sitting around for three decades and only gets dusted off in order to add more.

  32. avatarSouthern Cross says:

    Australian Automatic Arms SAR type semi–auto” got my attention. The factory was closed over 15 years ago. They were good, but not as good as an AR-15. I know Remington was importing them into the US because a friend of mine bought one that had been returned from the US when customs rejected them.

  33. avatarTom in Oregon says:

    Again, I’d call them douche bags, but douche bags have a legitimate purpose.
    I have a few out in the ol’ safe that aren’t on the list.
    I’d love to take a colt match hbar and reconfigure it to a nice m4 version. Cause it still says match hbar on the receiver.
    The stupidity of these people is really underwhelming…

  34. avatarshawn says:

    Did anyone see the MAIG/MD video where rick the hunter stated that 68% of gun owners supported this bill? Funny thing “rick” looked like that other hunter minus the beard from the other MAIG video.

  35. avatardan says:

    every gun banned is a tool of FREEDOM…….now how these tools will be used is a very grave question…the ‘people’ will choose to answer…..Semper Fi

  36. avatarMatt Berry says:

    I’m pretty sure they can’t get away with this. California tried this exact same tactic and quickly got pee-pee schwacked by the courts. CA tried to ban similar patterns to a rifle (like “Colt AR-15 and similar”) and lost in court, that’s why CA residents can still buy a Colt M4 or other manufacturers that aren’t banned by name.

    That was the origin of the “features test” ban.

    • avatarJoshuaS says:

      Minime. The features ban was before that, first in the Federal AWB (1993) and then SB-23 (in 1999). Harrot v. County of Kings was in 2001, and got rid of the vague anything similar too the listed ARs AKs ban.

      • avatarDrVino says:

        We have the Roberti-Roos roster of AWs in California.
        Try getting a factory-original Type 56 from Norinco or Polytech……

  37. avatarJusBill says:

    I seem to recall a video of the shenanigans our fine elected officials pulled when debating this insufferable bill. Seems there was an amendment to actually mandate jail time for commiting a crime using a gun. This was passed. Then our illustrius Speaker did some parlimentary magic, and suddenly it didn’t pass.

    Absolutely craven disregard for the welfare of the people of Maryland.

    • avatarMDGunNewb says:

      It happened in both the Senate and House Committees. In the Senate, Jim Brochin proposed an amendment that would have prevented dimunition credits/time off for good behavior for those convicted of gun crimes. The amendment passed; the committee chair (Brian Frosh) rubbed his moustache, saying there was a misvote or some such silliness, which forced a revote, where the amendment failed.

      In the House, Del. Mike Smiegel proposed a very similar, if not identical, amendment in committee. Same thing – first vote passed, chair (Vallario) called a revote, revote failed.

      Video of the House proceeding is at the link provided (not my video). Audio of the Senate Committee session should be archived online but would need some digging to find.

      Between these incidents and listening to some of the Baltimore City delegates, both directly and indirectly, play the race card*, there truly is no hope left for this state.

      (*At the time of the final Senate vote, once the bill made it through the House and was sent back, Senators were given the chance to explain their vote. One of the gals from Baltimore City stood up and explained how the 2nd Amendment really is a collective right, how the SCOTUS is wrong from time to time and how, she hopes, we’ll look back in 25 years at Heller like we now look back at Plessy v. Ferguson.)

  38. avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

    Also, for those of you playing along out-of-state:

    • avatardwb says:

      I see a lot of Marylanders commenting on this forum. And here I thought Maryland was a gun free state.

  39. avatarTom says:

    Time for gun manufacturers to stop all sales and service to Maryland government agencies. Lets see how O` Malley tries to explain away why police departments cant get replacement parts or new firearms. Or would the Maryland politicians just let the police have broken or beat up guns.

    • avatardwb says:

      or, they could move a pin or two on a gun on the list, making it cash and carry. As long as parts are not “interchangeable” its unregulated.

  40. avatarAz9mm says:

    Because we all know that criminals are constantly using HK-91′s/93′s, and there are so many cheap SP89′s. *sarcasm*

  41. avatarJustice06RR says:

    But, but… what would all the bad guys do now that they can’t own/buy all these guns on the list anymore? Wait… bad guys don’t obey the law so it doesn’t apply to them. I really hate these stupid and uneducated politicians.

    Thanks for making another hell-hole for pro-2A citizens and gun enthusiast in MD. Feel free to move anytime to a free state.

    • avatarAPBTFan says:

      I heard all the gang-bangers are printing out that list to make sure they don’t break the law while shooting each other.

  42. avatarLuis says:

    Looking through this list I don’t see the Vz. 58 anywhere on there.

    • avatarChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      That’s because it’s not on the list, like many other interesting rifles.

  43. avatarBob says:

    What’s the Skorpion semi-automatic pistol? Do they mean this 1911 variant by SIG?

    If so, then that is complete idiocy. It’s a 1911.

  44. avatarAdub says:

    Thankfully they didnt ban phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range.

    • avatarTom in Oregon says:

      “Hey, just what ya see, pal”
      You just hit on a really great idea. We need to publicize this as much as possible so we can actually read it in federal or lesser state regs.
      Lets keep this rolling!

  45. avatarRKBA says:

    Don’t you people know an ‘Act of War’ when you see it?

    Why are you all just standing around?

    This is war.

  46. avatarKory says:

    Haha, those idiots left in the Colt Sporter loophole! Idiots! Just for anyone who has never lived there, what this means is that you can buy an AR-15 over the counter with background check and cash just so long as it has a 20-inch HBAR. But this may now make it illegal to modify the upper.

  47. avatarJP says:

    First of all, the morons in MD clearly DO NOT read TTAG or they would have compiled a better list. I say, go ahead and pick it apart. Since we’re on the symantics, I noticed that the Saiga was not mentioned. I bet it’s covered in the “Avtomat Kalashnikov semiautomatic rifle in any format” clause but “rifle” is not “shotgun”. Saiga 12′s make O’Mally’s Minions crap their pants, how could they leave this off the list? (My Saiga 12 and 20 round drum safely reside in VA!)

  48. avatarG says:

    Hahahaha, Paging 1994…

  49. avatarWLCE says:

    at least they banned SPAS12s, Manchester Commandoes, USAS12 and Dragunovs.

    I know the gangs seem to just pick those off the black market like hotcakes /rolls eyes

    jesus christ. can these people be any more f^cking stupid???

    any any kalashnikov variant??? so that includes Veprs?

    i guess im burning a Maryland state flag tonight.

  50. avatarNeil says:

    They banned the Ruger Mini-14 but not the Mini-30?? What a passel of block-heads!

  51. avatarZachariah says:

    I thought the list was not exhaustive, meaning that just because it doesn’t appear on the list doesn’t mean that it’s not banned. For example, the bill reads such that it bans any semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine that has one of the enumerated features listed in the bill (SB 281), as well as fixed magazine rifles that can accept 10 rounds or more, etc. Ditto for handguns and shotguns – definitions associated with each that would preclude manufacturer, make or model. Am I wrong about that?

  52. avatarSEAN OF THE LIVING says:

    All in all, the simple fact that gun owners rights were upheld with District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, as well as the mind numbing vagueness of the new Maryland gun laws means they can and will be defeated in a court of law. Don’t everyone despair. We can win this battle.

  53. avatarCopjohn says:

    Seriously people. I think it’s time to keep your mouths shut. You are giving them everything that they need to make this list much bigger! Sometimes I wonder about people.

  54. avatarJames Burger says:


    All the bull pups will probably be restricted because of the 29 inch overall gun limit. Or should we call them close quarters weapons. I know that the Tavor representative are trying to get the flash suppressor elongated to 3 inches and thus meet the 29 inch gun limit.

  55. avatarmike says:

    I really hope people dont abide by this law and turn in their firearms

  56. avatarMike says:

    Why in the hell do you ban a classic rifle like a M1a they use them in competitions all the time and it is a great rifle just as is the garand but it’s ok to buy them still. But worst of all is the stupid ass law that we can only buy 10 round mags or less in maryland now, but you allow us to go out of state and buy a 100 round mag and bring it home. Talk about a worthless law that just got passed so a worthless gov. o’malley can say he did something to stop the gun violence and school shooting in maryland. Last I was aware of we the legal gun owning people of maryland have not had any were near the problems that other states have had. WE THE LEGAL GUN OWNERS IN MARYLAND ARE NOT ONLY BEING PUNISHED BY OUR GOVERNMENT BUT BEING USED TO SET AN EXAMPLE OF, IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH DOING IT HERE IN THIS STATE IT WILL SOON START IN OTHERS UNTILL WE HAVE ALL OUR GUNS TAKEN AWAY. I USE MY AR-15 TO HUNT SMALL GAME AND I USE MY AR-10 TO HUNT LARGE GAME AND I BET THEY ARE JUST AS ACCURATE OR MORE THEN MANY BOLT GUNS AND I NEED ONLY 1 SHOT TO KILL MY GAME. Forst Gump said it best “stupid is as stupid does” We need laws to hurt the illegal gun owners and people using guns in a crime not the legal owner that has done his 7 day, wait. I will be there to voice my disapproval of o’malley and his laws at every meeting I can

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