Incendiary Image of the Day: “Demand A Plan” is Now “Demand Action” Edition


EW sent us a link to the above image embedded in an email alert. The TTAG reader drew our attention to the message’s ghoulishness; the Mayors Against Illegal Guns had pounced on the PR possibilities of yesterday’s gang banging shoot-up in New Orleans. “Bloody shirt waved just over 24 hours after shooting.” No question: MAIG’s men are ready, indeed waiting for the next spree killing. Only they’re not lobbying under the MAIG moniker. Or their “Demand A Plan” public facing propaganda arm. It’s now “Demand Action to End Gun Violence.” Roger that. To that end, I demand that the New Orleans police capture the shooters and reveal whether or not they’d been in police custody previously and what charges they faced. And then lock them up for a long, long time. But that’s me.