Cabbie SWATs Perazzi Prez [Perhaps Shown]

 Maura Perazzi with MX200/3 at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2013 (courtesy

“Daniele Perazzi, president of the Italian Perazzi Shotguns firm, was taken into custody yesterday by Adams County Deputies along with several prototype shotguns.” reports, apparently unaware that that particular Mr. Perazzi died last year. Perhaps Mauro Perazzi [above] is the gentlemen in question. Anyway, “The executive was picked up in the parking lot of the Denver Merchandise Mart, hosting the high-end Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend, after a taxi driver, likely reacting to a suspicious activity reporting outreach program conducted by law enforcement, told authorities he thought he could be transporting an armed ‘foreign speaking’ terror suspect.” To say Perazzi was not pleased would be like saying Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga girl was a bit of a babe (until botox and airbags) . . .

Perazzi was released a short time later and his prototype shotguns were returned to him, but reports have emerged that he was ordered by law enforcement to leave the state by nightfall, and sources tell Gun Rights Examiner he has gone one step further and left the country. He is expected to be returning soon with an eye toward filing legal action.

Get out of town by sundown? I doubt it. But how much do you want to bet that gun grabbers think it’s OK to profile gun manufacturers’ execs?