BREAKING: UK Mail on Sunday Prints Liberator, Takes it to Paris on Eurostar

Liberator pistol on Eurostar from UK to France (courtesy

Cody Wilson’s 3D-printed Liberator alive and well in the Land of Hope and Glory. In fact, an enterprising reporter for the UK’s Mail on Sunday has taken it walkies. Simon Murphy printed out the plastic pistol and schlepped it on a Eurostar journey from London to Paris during rush hour. Seems no one was in a rush to remove the [unfired] single-shot  firearm from his grip. Murphy and his mate disassembled the gun for its journey. Neither the UK’s Old Bill nor les flics noticed anything untoward. Murphy reassembled the firearm on board and his pal snapped the historic pics. So, what does all this mean? According to various authorities: human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! More specifically . . .

Last night, security experts and politicians said they were horrified at the implications of our investigation. Lord West, the former Labour security Minister, called for a review to see how the ‘extremely dangerous’ weapons could be better detected.

But he said he was ‘not surprised’ that Eurostar checks had failed to spot the weapon because they were so hard to detect. He said: ‘What we need is a review of how we can look at these things and how we can discover them more easily. That will take work and it will cost money.

‘These weapons are extremely dangerous because they are very difficult to detect with the methods we normally use. This is going to be a real problem, no doubt about it. People are going to have to rethink whether we need more checks.’

A Eurostar spokeswoman said last night: ‘Eurostar has a high level of security, with a number of checks  as specified by the authorities in order to protect the integrity of the Channel Tunnel. We take any issue relating to security very seriously. We will be investigating immediately to fully understand the nature of this issue with our security partner which carries out checks on our behalf at St Pancras. We will also investigate the matter with the Department for Transport, who oversee our security operation, and specify the checks that need to be undertaken.’

Looks like the Liberator hasn’t liberated any thinking in the security sector. Just more of the same, really.

As for Cody Wilson’s idea that a 3D printed pistol will undermine and eventually destroy the UK’s or France’s or the world’s gun control regimes, as the Brits would say, pull the other one it’s got bells on it.

Or not.