Note to VPC Wanne-Be’s: “Gun Deaths” Includes Suicides

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) is nothing if not clever. For one thing, they call themselves the Violence Policy Center not the Crusade for Civilian Disarmament. When it comes to feeding context-less stats and half-truths about firearms fatalities to the mainstream media VPC jefe Josh Sugarmann is The Man. The latest meme (as dutifully if not diligently […]

Question of the Day: Are All Gun Grabbers Hypocrites?

In the video above, the highly caffeinated host of the PBS Idea Channel wonders if anti-gun gamers are morally bankrupt because their money’s going to real-world gunmakers. Hang on. An anti-gun gamer? “I love COD but I support common sense gun controls.” I suppose it’s possible. It’s also possible that Mila Kunis will stop by later this […]

BREAKING: President Receives Gun-Rights Related Ricin-Laced Letter

  Dan called from the car to report that CBS Radio News reports that the Secret Service intercepted a ricin-laced letter sent to the President. confirms that the missive’s identical to the one mailed to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Authorities previously revealed that the two Bloomberg letters were post-marked Shreveport, […]

Partial Text of Poisoner’s Letters to Mayor Bloomberg

The New York police have released excerpts from the two identical ricin-tinged letters sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “You’re not going to take my guns. You’ll have to kill me before you take my guns. If you take my guns, you should see what I’m going to do to […]

OMG! A Microphone! OMG!

“A private San Fernando Valley high school was placed on lockdown Tuesday due to a report of a person with a gun near campus that turned out to be a student with a boom microphone,” reports. You know, someone should show these kids, teacher, administrators and support staff what a gun looks like. Maybe the […]

Americans to Senate: Enough With the Gun Control Already

“The latest Reason-Rupe national poll finds just 33 percent of Americans feel the ‘Senate should debate and vote on gun control legislation again,’ while 62 percent want the Senate to ‘move on to other issues.’” Surprise! “This data is surprising given earlier polls finding what appeared to be overwhelming support for expanding background check for firearm purchases. […]

Orlando Sentinel Wants to Know: Would You or Have You Ever Carried at a FL Theme Park?

  “A Walt Disney World park guest found a loaded gun in the seat of a ride at the Animal Kingdom that had fallen out of a man’s back pocket on Sunday,” reports. “A grandmother handed a Cobra .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol about noon to a park attendant, who immediately contacted security and the Orange County Sheriff’s […]

ATF to Pot Smokers: No Guns for You, Dude

“Federal law already makes it illegal for someone to possess a gun if he or she is ‘an unlawful user of, or addicted to’ marijuana or other controlled substances,” the AP reports, accurately enough. “A Sept. 21 letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, issued in response to numerous inquiries from gun […]

Question of the Day: Are Gun Magazines Dead?

I was surprised to encounter Guns & Ammo at Tampa International the other day. Even in the Gunshine State I reckoned the odds of seeing the buff book at “America’s favorite airport” (but not mine) were slim. But not as slim as the magazine itself. Given G&A’s sylph-like size it’s becoming increasingly clear that gun […]