How I Freaked Out the Anti-Gun Media

During last weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, I gave a presentation on home defense concepts. One of the the suggestions I offered was keeping a gun – locked securely in a quick-access safe – in your child’s room. Just in case. As you may have heard, my tip was picked up by members of the anti-gun media (yes, that’s redundant) and has been spun as advice that gun owners store their firearms in their children’s room . . .

It’s interesting that out of everything these reporters saw and heard at the NRA meetings, the idea of taking steps to protect our homes and families… and especially our kids… is what they decided to demonize. It really is telling about the anti-gunners’ agenda. The obvious plan: hit the emotional high notes, ignore the logic and context of the concepts being covered and play to people’s worst nightmares.

When I talked about kids being in danger at the seminar, I was offering solutions to help people make kids safer. When they talk about kids being in danger, they aren’t proposing anything to help…in fact, they specifically downplay (or ignore) the safety issues that I brought up. As David Byrne might say, same as it ever was.