I just got back from Tulsa, where I attended the second Pro Series competition. And not only did I watch, they actually let me shoot in this one. And I didn’t come in last place! Stand by for a full report, but in the meantime check out some of these photos I snapped. They stuck me on the ladies squad, so unfortunately, these are all pictures of female shooters (including Robert’s latest crush). I know, I can sense your disappointment from here.











14 Responses to Photos: 3 Gun Nation Pro Series Competition #2

  1. First, that’s some fast shooting in the 3rd pic. There are 2 shells in the air and a 3rd being cycled out of the breech.

    I think the lady in the last pic is cheating, as she appears to be using an Easy Button from Staples.

    • I thought that too, but it looks like she has one of those “extra round” gizmos on her gun. Note the blue around the edges.

  2. The 3rd to last pic, there’s a 5.56 flying and another coming out of the ejector. Holy crap. So not going to piss her off…

  3. On the SCAR, is that a Nordic extension on a PMAG?

    Does the existence of such a thing and the ease with which it’s installed mean that any 10- or 15-round PMAG is “IS DESIGNED TO BE READILY CONVERTED TO ACCEPT” 28 or 33 rounds? If so, how can any PMAG, of any capacity, be legally purchased in Colorado after 01 July?

  4. Is that an easy button?

    “A few days ago a ruthless street gang moved into town. You’re working at Staples, when suddenly they burst through the door…”

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