Brand New AR-15 Bolt Disintegrates, Owner Not Happy

Courtesy SarcasmTroll on Reddit

In the panic buying of the last few months, manufacturers were left scrambling to find parts to complete their rifles and ship them out the door. In this case, it looks like Bushmaster may have skimped on the quality control of the parts they get from third parties. According to Reddit user SarcasmTroll, the brand new bolt he says is a Bushmaster part but purchased from a third party (so really, no telling if it’s true) disintegrated four rounds into its lifecycle. It appears that not only did the locking lugs shear completely off the bolt face, but the cam pin housing cracked and separated as well. If it truly is a Bushmaster part that broke, could this be another instance of a Freedom Group company selling substandard parts to meet demand? Is Bushmaster heading the way of Marlin? Will Superman defeat the dreaded General Zod? Stay tuned.