What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Atypyk Ruler Gun

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.27.15 AM

Carry a gun at school! That’s the suggestion on Atypyk’s site, kind of like the old back-of-the-comic-book X-ray glasses ad pitch (Surprise your friends with “X-ray” sight!). Atypyk, the brainchild of Ivan Duval and Jean Sébastien Ides (Small Products With Big Ideas), is hawking their Teutonically inspired measuring stick for only ten euros. They’re the same mega-minds behind such surefire hits as Shut Up Tape and a BandAid with a diamond printed on it (for a mere four euros). While there are myriad (mostly welcome) differences between the Land of the Free and Old Europe, who’d a thunk that in proudly hoplophobic Gaul, little Francois could make it through an entire school day carrying one of these in his rucksack without getting SWATted. Wonder what would happen if he holds his croissant like a gun and yells “bang!”