Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Still Naked On The Porch

By Cranky

Back in 2004 Jersey City mayoral candidate Jerramiah Healy was photographed exposing himself on his front porch and chalked it up to a night of drinking. Apparently the citizens of Jersey City were just fine with the explanation and elected him anyway. As mayor, he has been a member of Mayor Mike’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and has enjoyed the endorsement of “MoneyBags” Bloomberg (no surprise) and even President Barack Obama . . .

However, it seems the story of that revealing night back in 2004 has become, well, fluid.  The mayor has given a different and bizarre new account of that night in a recent interview. In his original story, His Honor claimed he’d had six or eight beers and wasn’t quite sure how he ended up in his birthday suit in front of his home.

In the new version, however, he was lured outside of the house and taken advantage of:

Healy said he was woken up that night by women banging trash cans outside. He wrapped himself in a towel and went outside and found “three Hispanic girls, young kids.”

“‘So I go out on the porch and they pulled the towel off me,’ he said. ‘Now I start laughing, and then they started doing other stuff. I said, ‘I’m old enough to be your grandfather.'”

Healy said “it was filthy” and he “chased them away.” When he sat down, Healy says he was photographed by a political enemy. Who just happened to be there.

That story is more than a little odd…and creepy. Just as creepy as fellow MAIG member Jay Schiliro who was arrested on charges of official oppression, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, recklessly endangering another person and providing alcohol to a minor for an incident in which he held a teen male at gunpoint while requesting oral sex.  Alcohol was involved in this incident as well. Another MAIG member, Craig Lowe, was found passed out at the wheel of his car at the scene of a crash.  Police say he appeared intoxicated.

I have said it before, and I stand by it now: members of this organization an others who support gun control do so based on the idea that since they don’t have the self-control and maturity to handle firearms, alcohol, and automobiles, everyone must be similarly lacking.

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