Gun Tweet of the Day: Wishful Thinking Edition

Our pals at have put together a happy little collection of tweets by non-gun fans expressing their hopes for those of us here at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston. Their fervent wishes include things like violent death, maiming, a bomb blast and the whole kit and kaboodle being swallowed up by a giant sinkhole. These coming from people who no doubt consider themselves lovers of peace, harmony and mutual respect. But reading the violent inner thoughts of those with internet access and no edit button goes a long way toward explaining their general antipathy toward guns in the first place . . .

No matter what fun house view they see in the mirror each morning, or how they portray themselves to their friends and the outside world, these are basically violent people who ultimately don’t trust themselves with the responsibility required to own and use a gun. Something that millions of their fellow citizens manage to negotiate every single day of their lives.

If they fundamentally can’t be trusted with a firearm, and therefore don’t want to own one, no one will force one into their sweaty little hands. It would just be refreshing if they didn’t react to those who can exercise the necessary judgement and self control with quite so much anger and malevolence.