New From ProMag: Archangel Mosin-Nagant Conversion Stock

We all know Mosin-Nagants are cheap and powerful. They’re also fairly ugly, not terribly comfortable, and only hold five rounds. ProMag’s new Archangel stock can remedy those issues and turn your battered old mil-surp boomstick into a fancy M44 scout rifle or 91/30 sniper ‘stick’ . . .

The Archangel stock fits the fireball-spitting M44 shown here, as well as the longer 91/30 below. Detachable magazines go a long way to solving the Mosin’s firepower problems, and extra 5- and 10-round mags are available. If your Mosin shoots best with a corked barrel, the Archangel stock even has a barrel tension screw to keep it happy.

I know there are better sniper rifles out there, but remember that Finland used modified Mosin-Nagants as their military sniper rifles into the 1980s. And if the old Nagant was good enough for Vasiliy Zaitsev, it should be good enough for most of us mere mortals.

There will be many who question the wisdom of putting a $200 stock on what was originally a $90 rifle, but if a stock like this works as advertised, it could breathe new utility into some lonely old rifles. Is a restocked $300 Mosin a better rifle than a box-stock $350 Ruger American Rifle? Probably not, but 7.62x54R ammo is incredibly cheap. You might have a lot more fun with that $300 Mosin after all, because you’ll never find 440 rounds of Ruger fodder for ninety bucks.

And you’ll never buy Rugers by the crate for $2500, and every time an old mil-surp rifle goes shooting, an angel gets its wings.

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