Pittsburgh Cops: .40 Caliber Ammo Doesn’t Have Enough Stopping Power

“Pittsburgh police are reviewing the ammunition used by the department because officers raised fears that the bullets do not have enough stopping power,” the Pittsburgh Tribune reports. “The officers say that twice in recent weeks it has taken several shots for an officer to disable a gunmen who was shooting at police.” Head shots? Mozambique? No? “Officers have worried about the ammo in recent months, said Officer Eric Engelhardt, chairman of the FOP Officer Safety Committee. ‘There’s not a lot of confidence in this ammo in our department.'” ‘Cause, you know, it didn’t work! To wit . . .

Officer Morgan Jenkins was shot and critically wounded and his partner injured in a scuffle and shootout early Thursday with James Robert Hill in Homewood. Officer Christopher Kertis was shot twice in the leg on March 17 in a shootout with Dante Bonner, 18, in East Liberty.

In both cases, officers said, the gunman continued to shoot at officers despite being wounded.

What’s that all about? I thought you shot someone and they fell down dead like they do in the movies.

C’mon. Seriously? Are we to believe that the Pittsburgh police don’t have access to YouTube? There’s about a bazillion videos on the subject available for immediate viewing, some of them by people who haven’t shot themselves during a negligent discharge.

Or . . .

Maybe there’s a cult of the .45 in the police ranks or, indeed, the po-po’s upper echelon.  Complaining about .40 is the key to forcing an “upgrade” and, eventually. indulging their JMB fanboyitis.

Alternative theory two: this kvetching is an excuse for some immediate ammo testing fun on the taxpayer’s dime.

Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson sent a memo to the police bureau saying the .40 caliber ammunition being used by officers was picked after a comparison study conducted by FBI experts.

Still, police plan to evaluate the stock, compare products and track shot placement in officer involved shootings.

So NOW the Pittsburgh Police want to track shot placement? And these are the guys that the disarmament industry doesn’t want to disarm. Go figure.