Petition to Confiscate Guns and Repeal the Second Amendment

We’ve been saying that polls on gun ownership and gun control legislation are highly misleading—in the sense that the vast majority of Americans are “low information voters.” In other words, they don’t know jack about guns, gun laws or crime. Except what they “feel” to be true. So when they’re asked “Do you support universal background checks?” chances are they’re thinking about that alien immigration center in Men in Black. Or something. But not gun registration. Which they wouldn’t understand either. Anyway, it’s nice to see an illustration of this firearms-related ignorance. It’s even nicer to see it go viral. Not that it will change anyone’s mind, but it will remind The People of the Gun that they are the guardians of our natural or God-given right to keep and bear arms. Call your reps, dudes. [h/t to DrVino]