New from ATI: Titan LW

Titan LW 1911 handgun (courtesy

American Tactical Imports imports firearms from the Philippines that look like mainstream icons but cost significantly less. The strategy must be successful; all of their handguns are listed with the notice that “This item is currently out of stock. Click the Notify Me button to be notified when the product becomes available.” Hmmm. Maybe ATI waits ’til they get enough customer notification requests before importing a gun into the Land of the Free. As for the new Titan LW, a compact 1911, those can be a bit tricky when it comes to reliability. And shootability. And, as mentioned, availability. Still, we’ll contact ATI for a testing and evaluation sample. It’s the least we can do considering what Teddy Roosevelt did to the Philippines. And hey, it’s a seven-round New York SAFE Act compatible firearm! After you register yourself and your gun and fill out the form requesting data privacy, which must be approved by a judge . . .

American Tactical Imports is proud to introduce the FX 45 Titan Lightweight, exclusively from ATI.

The new Titan LW weights only 24.8 ounces empty, making it ideal for conceal carry situations.

The lightweight version of the popular Titan is an officers model 1911 pistol with 3.13” barrel length, 3 3/8” bull barrel and an overall length of 6.93”. The Titan Lightweight is packed with features like an ambidextrous safety and dovetail style low-profile rear sights. The Titan Lightweight offers a 7 round capacity in 45ACP.

“We are very excited about the Titan Lightweight,” says Tony DiChario, President, American Tactical Imports.

“This version of our popular FX 45 Titan has been in the works for a long time. It is developed for either a left or a right handed shooter, and it gives traditional 1911 lovers a lightweight, short barreled version for every day carry.”

The FX45 Titan LW has an MSRP of $597.95.


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30 Responses to New from ATI: Titan LW

  1. avatarjwm says:

    Oh look, another 19(yawn)11.

    • avatarWA_2A says:

      What are you talking about?! 1911s aren’t made by any other companies!

      Oh right, except Ruger, S&W, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Rock Island Armory, Taurus…

      Can’t wait till Glock hops on the bandwagon. [/s]

    • avatarBen says:

      1911 reviews all day long! Won’t get any complaints from me.

  2. avatarWilliam Burke says:

    Why so many incomplete sentences?

  3. avatarWill says:

    I wanted to grab one of these when they were $450 (iirc) on Bud’s. After Newtown that last I saw was $580. Then i didn’t see it anymore.

  4. avatarRalph says:

    600 balloons for a Philippine Officer’s Model? Around Subic Bay a guy used to be able to get dinner, drinks, a room for the night, companionship and a full-sized GI Armscor for a whole lot less.

    • avatarjwm says:

      Po city for the win.

    • avatartdiinva says:

      Sounds like you have visited the exotic realm of ‘P0 City.

      • avatarjwm says:

        Briefly, in my misspent youth. San Miguel was 10 cent a bottle and you could get an all night girl and room for less than 20 bucks.

        That was in the Marcos days.

        • avatarBRY says:

          I’d bet you and I were in the Navy around the same time. At 10 cents a bottle, I considered San Miguel overpriced – at least until I ended up ashore in Vietnam and tried 33.

        • avatarjwm says:

          Bry, wasn’t in the navy. My only time on the ground in viet nam was during the evactuation at Ton Son Nhut. Wasn’t able to sample the local beer.

      • avatarRalph says:

        Sounds like you have visited the exotic realm of ‘P0 City.

        I do not recall. In fact, the entire decade of the 60s seems to be a blank.

        • avatarGyufygy says:

          If you remember the 60s, you didn’t live the 60s.

          Or so I’m told by crotchety old bastards. :p

        • avatarRalph says:

          Hey, Gyufygy, I’m no bastard. But I plead guilty to the two other adjectives.

  5. avatarPulatso says:

    For half the price, I might bite…as it is, if I wanted a compact 1911, I’d pony up the 2-3 extra bills for a Colt Defender.

    • avatarMark N. says:

      Last I saw a Defender, it was more like 4 bills more, just under $1000. And that’s almost a whole ‘nother handgun. RIAs have a solid if not fancy reputation, and they are Philippine also. I am waiting to hear about the new Turkish pistols (not that California will let me buy one).

  6. avatarAharon says:

    With all the proven models available from other well-known manufacturers I see no reason to buy a gun from ATI.

  7. avatarBrett says:

    A budget 1911 from the Philippines? Yeah…that’s a pass.

  8. avatarEnsitue says:

    I’ll award points for making the effort to “develop” and import said firearm to fill a demand but the price is what ARs were selling for 3 years ago and even in the low res pic I can see issues. What are the Chinese clones selling for?

  9. avatarthatoneguy says:

    Say what you will about the Filipino imports, but I picked up an RIA compact in December and it has become my favorite pistol. Cheap, dead accurate, and reliable (about 1500 rounds with no issues) with everything from the dirtiest of range bought reloads to factory to my own handloads. I guess what im saying is don’t knock it till you try it.

  10. avataralanhmn says:

    Doesnt ATI make the Sig Sauer 1911-22? ATI makes one that looks just like it.

  11. avatarRuss Bixby says:

    Judging from the location of the ejection port, that thing has about a one inch barrel.

    Lemme guess – a muzzle velocity of 401 FPS, and a six inch spread at ten yards…?

  12. avatarjkp says:

    Hmmm. It’ll probably be just as reliable as a Kimber and at half the price.

    I sure do love me those 1911s, but Mr. Colion Noir put it best, particularly about these 3″ 1911s — will they actually be there when you need them?

    Wouldn’t mind having one as a safe queen. And keep on carrying my Glock.

  13. avatarLee Spirithawk says:

    The FX Titan has a 3.3″ barrel and is more accurate than many longer barreled handguns I’ve fired. Eats everything I’ve fed it. Weighs a bit over 24 oz. yet less recoil than a full sized model 1911. Fit and finish is excellent and better than many much higher priced Officers Models. Knock it all you like but words don’t keep it from being an excellent handgun at an excellent price.

  14. avatarKent says:

    I have had none for a year and l love it. Installed Some VZ grips on it and only made it better. Only question I have had is about installing some aftermarket Novaks…

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