Hunter Shoots Bigfoot In San Antonio, Texas. Who Knew?

Press release [via]:

Toronto , ON Canada –– Independent Film studio, Minnow Films and award winning documentary director Morgan Mathews are scheduled to release a reality film about Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dyer, the man who claims to have shot and killed bigfoot in fall of 2012. The movie release date is set for Tuesday, April 30 2013, 8:29 PM at the Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto , ON Canada. In addition to the movie they claim to be unveiling to the public the body of a male Sasquatch, that was killed near San Antonio, TX . . .

Rick Dyer, backed by investors (some say a Las Vegas Casino),  has the body is in a secure location near Las Vegas, Nevada and will be revealed to the public along with the film, which is said to have perfectly clear high definition footage of the live bigfoot, the actual shooting and all the events leading up to the killing, and the back story of securing the body after the shooting.