Boston Bombers Had One Gun: Ruger 9mm; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was Unarmed During Final “Shootout”

Boston bombers shootout (courtesy

“Even though the Tsarnaev brothers made a violent dash from police, allegedly tossing homemade bombs as they fled, police told ABC News they so far have recovered only a single, semi-automatic handgun from the two men now accused of carrying off the Boston Marathon bombing . . .  Law enforcement sources told ABC News the gun recovered from the scene of the Tsarnaev brothers’ shoot out with police was a Ruger 9 mm semi-automatic handgun. Sources said the gun is in the custody of the Massachusetts State Police lab and that the serial number on the firearm was obliterated.” The revelation means . . .

A) there was no assault rifle as reported by both the police (on the radio recordings) and the media and B) it seems increasingly likely the Tsarnaevs killed MIT cop Sean Collier to take his gun—an effort thwarted by his retention holster.

If so, this indicates C) a lack of training and preparation and D) that the Tsarnaevs may well have been self-trained terrorists.

Oh and it’s now been revealed that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed when he was captured. You know, after surrounding cops opened fire on him.

The FBI would not tell the [Washington] Post what prompted officers to fire dozens of rounds at the covered boat in a Watertown, Mass., driveway Friday night. Tsarnaev was wounded when he surrendered, but the FBI would also not say whether he was shot during the finale or the shootout with authorities that killed his 26-year-old brother, Tamerlan.

But they would say what a great job they did capturing the terrorist as he lay bleeding inside a boat.

“Law enforcement was placed in an extraordinarily dangerous situation,” said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson. “They were dealing with an individual who is alleged to have been involved in the bombings at the Boston Marathon. As if that’s not enough, there were indications of a carjacking, gunfire, an ambushed police officer and bombs thrown earlier. In spite of these extraordinary factors, they were able to capture this individual alive with no further harm to law enforcement. It was a tremendously effective outcome under dire circumstances.”

And what was all that about a BB gun?