Tallying the Score: Gun Control Winners and Losers

The legislative scorecard has now been completed, with all of the anti-Constitution measures failing and most of the pro-freedom measure joining them. Pretty much as expected. Now that it’s all over but the shouting, it’s time to tally up the results in Washington’s game. So let’s check our tote board and reveal gun control’s Top Ten Winners and Losers . . .


7. Michael Bloomberg: The political process is fickle. After a stunning triumph of cash over common sense in Colorado, New York’s billionaire Mayor drew a blank in D.C., getting nothing for his $12 million dollars and losing prestige in the process. He’s now perceived as a meddler, a nanny with money to burn, America’s George Soros. Bloomberg is the perfect enemy, the wealthy puppet-master pulling the strings with his checkbook. If there was no Mike Bloomberg, the NRA would have to invent him.

6. Gabrielle Giffords: A Jennny-come-lately to the world of gun-grabbing, she thought she had it made. With her star power and victim cred, a new career loomed that would be even more lucrative than her last. But she stumbled right out of the gate when her lummox of a husband got caught in a clumsy attempt at grandstanding and straw-purchasing. Her irritability at losing the votes on her pet bills was even more unbecoming. She now joins Sarah Brady and Diane Feinstein on the list of the perpetually cranky and obnoxious.

5. Pat Toomey: He pissed away his NRA “A” rating and perhaps pissed off the voters of Western Pennsylvania by taking the position as lead Republican collaborator. The only saving grace for Toomey is that he voted against the Feinstein and Lautenberg amendments banning so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.

4. Joe Manchin: According to Manchin himself, the Manchin-Toomey amendment was the West Virginian’s “coming out party.” What he meant is that his proposed bill represented the first time during his Senate tenure that he’d taken point on anything. What his constituents may take away from M-T is that it was Manchin’s coming out as a gun-grabber. He voted “no” on the Feinstein and Lautenberg amendments, but that’s probably too little, too late.

3. The Mainstream Media: The talking heads of television and their media mogul bosses have spent over six years deifying Barack Obama, so they jumped on the civilian disarmament bandwagon with both feet. After running what was, in essence, a Democrat Party, anti-Constitution telethon, their pet proposals flopped like reruns of “My Mother, the Car.” The MSM looks foolish and peevish, leading viewers by the millions to turn away (even more) from traditional media. Every blog in America should thank them.

2. Alan Gottleib: Long the darling of Second Amendment supporters, Gottleib threw the support of SAF and the CCRKBA behind the ill-fated Manchin-Toomey amendment. He should have checked with his constituents first and maybe also with his banker, because 2A stalwarts hated M-T. On the eve of the vote, he withdrew his support, but the damage was done. Gottleib’s credibility, built up over decades of faithful service to the gun culture, is now shot. It will take him years to overcome this blow, and it will take the gun rights movement years to overcome the loss of one of its staunchest advocates.

1. Barack Obama: Gun control and immigration were to be the two centerpieces of his second term. However, Obama’s status as a lame duck with minimal political capital was made official when he lost the political battle that he – and no one else – personally initiated. It was a huge political overreach. And his image as a petulant man, swollen with hubris was made obvious by his sullen, mean-spirited acknowledgment of defeat. It’s now out there for all to see — the leftist idol has feet of clay.


3. The Republican Party Leadership: The old guys politically outfoxed the Senate Democrats and POTUS. Believing that he could bend everything and everyone to his almighty will, Obama demanded a vote. He got one that he’ll never forget. By allowing all the anti-Constitution bills to come to a vote, as the Democrats demanded, and then defeating them, the Republicans have ripped away the myth of Obama’s legislative invincibility for good. Plus, they made the Democrats look dumb.

2. Ted Cruz: Compare his cultured debate behavior to the boorish actions of Chuck Schumer (channeling his inner Joe Biden) and it’s obvious how Cruz dominated the proceedings. Articulate and young, he always came across as the smartest guy in the room and a very likeable one at that. Democrats will have a lot of problems trying portray him as evil incarnate. To say nothing of the fact that he’s a top Constitutional lawyer.

1. The NRA: The largest of gun rights organizations was assailed internally by radicals for being Old Fudds and by Old Fudds for being too radical. It was demonized by the Democrats, marginalized by the mainstream media and blamed for a heinous mass murder. Nevertheless, the NRA steered the Second Amendment to spectacular wins – while gaining as many as a million new members in the process. While the CCRKBA nearly folded, the NRA doubled down and won. It’s no wonder the Democrats hate the NRA. What’s amazing is that every gun owner isn’t a member.