Latest Updates on Today’s Senate Gun Control Amendments


Now that the Toomey/Manchin amendment has failed, the other amendments are having their time on the Senate floor. There’s a ton of these things, so rather than posting a new article for each one I’m just going to start one post and keep it updated with the latest news. We’ll probably post a small celebratory story when the AWB is finally beaten down, but for everything else Senate related this is your stop. Hit your “F5” button to see the latest results.

DEBATE IS CLOSED for the day, continuing tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Lautenberg / Blumenthal Amendment FAILS, 46/54

Bans “high capacity” magazines

Burr Amendment FAILS, 56/44

Requires judicial decision for Veterans Affairs to place someone on the NICS denial list.

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment FAILS, 40/60

LOL “large velocity guns,” another wonderful example of Senator Feinstein playing Bingo with firearms-related vocabulary and rolling with whatever she can think up no matter if it actually makes sense. Also, where can I get my hands on these 100+ round clips she’s talking about? That’s got to be one large piece of aluminum . . .

Cornyn National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment FAILS 57/43

By the way, I LOVE how Chuck Schumer’s argument about national reciprocity was that states should be able to set their own policies about guns, that what works in one state might not work in others. Which begs the question: why then is he pushing so hard to expand New York’s values about gun control on all of the other states?

Leahy/Collins Amendment FAILS 58/42More info on proposed provisions here.

Grassley/Cruz Amendment  FAILS 52/48More info on proposed provisions here.