Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment FAILS

Dianne Feinstein courtesy fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com

Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban bill wasn’t on the approved list of gun control proposals that were passed out of the Senate committee, mainly because there was no chance in hell of it passing. And now, we understand exactly how unpopular this idea of hers was. Her amendment to the current gun control bill, which would have tacked on her assault weapons ban provisions, failed 40 to 60. It didn’t even get a majority of Senators — 60 votes were required. This was Feinstein’s best chance of passing her beloved gun control bill, which was proven to have no effect on crime and would infringe on the second amendment rights of millions of law abiding Americans, and that window has finally closed. President Obama was given the vote he asked for, and the votes came up short.