Nancy Lanza’s Gun Dealer Loses His FFL

What happens when a woman strolls into your store, fills out the requisite forms, passes her NICS checks and buys some firearms from you? Not too much other than you get to put some money in the till that lets you cover your costs and maybe take a little home. What happens when, years later, her son shoots her in the head and then massacres 26 women and children with some of those same guns? “The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has permanently revoked the federal firearms license of East Windsor, Conn., gun store owner David LaGuercia, whose shop reportedly sold guns used in the Newtown school massacre and a second Connecticut mass shooting.” . . .

LaGuercia lost the unlucky customer lottery, a game of chance he probably didn’t even realize he was playing. As reports:

ATF spokeswoman Deb Seifert told The Journal News on Thursday that she could not be more specific on the reasons LaGuercia’s license was revoked. It was revoked Dec. 20 and the 60-day time frame to appeal has expired.

“It’s been revoked,” Seifert said. “It’s final at this point.”

The store’s still open, trying to scrape by.

LaGuercia could not be reached Thursday for comment at the store, which continues to sell ammunition, clothes and other accessories, said a female employee, who declined to give her name.

There’s no way to know what, if any actual violations LaGuercia may or may not have committed that justified the ATF pulling his ticket. Then again, how many FFLs could have passed the full-on rectal probe he no doubt endured as the dealer who sold the guns the Sandy Hook murderer used?