Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Going Out the Way He Came In Edition

A Guthrie, Oklahoma, homeowner woke to the sound of someone trying to get through his back door last week. “That homeowner told police his family was asleep when they first heard banging at the door. He loaded his weapon and shot the man when he walked into the kitchen and lunged at him.” So reports The intruder, dressed in nothing but a smile, soon assumed ambient temperature thanks to the homeowner’s quick action. You can hear the homeowner’s and a neighbor’s 911 calls here. A TTAG reader, Kenny D., who tipped us to the story initially questioned whether the homeowner’s use of deadly force against a bare-ass intruder would be considered justified in a less firearms-friendly state. But it seems hard imagine even the most hard-hearted prosecutor would find fault in a man using a gun to protect his wife and two small children against a nocturnal naked attacker in his own home. Or is that too naive?