Utah Set to Become 5th Constitutional Carry State

 Utah Concealed Carry Permit (courtesy outdoorlife.com)

Yesterday (Friday) the Utah House of Representative passed House Bill 76 along party lines (51 – 17). [Click here for the text.] The legislation is now headed to the state Senate. If passed, the Beehive State would become a Constitutional Carry state; no paperwork or permit required to carry a legally owned firearm. With 22 Republican Senators vs. seven Democrats and a Republican Governor, this one looks to be a slam dunk. While there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip (e.g., will the hugely profitable out-of-state Utah permitting industry lobby against it?), Utah looks set to become the fifth state to have state-wide Constitutional Carry, joining Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont. One steps backwards (New York’s SAFE Act), one step forward . . .