Remington: SAFE Act? What SAFE Act?


“Following a meeting between executives with the Freedom Group, which owns Remington Arms, and a group of state legislators, we’ve learned that Remington will move ahead with plans to invest $20 million into various upgrades at the plant,” reports. In light of the firearms industry boycott of Empire State police purchases in protest against New York’s unconstitutional disarmament program (a.k.a., the SAFE Act), nothing. But that’s OK because “That investment was in the works before the passage of the New York Safe Act, which bans the sale of the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, which is made in New York State. Ilion Mayor John Stephens previously told CNY Central that he hopes Remington Arms stays in Ilion, ‘where they belong.'” Yes, it seems they deserve each other. More specifically . . .

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi . . . says company executives remain upset with the passage of New York’s tough new gun laws, and other states like North Carolina and Texas continue their efforts to lure the plant away.

So . . . lip service to protest and bring on the tax breaks. Or am I being too cynical?