Question of the Day: Is the AR Drought Done?


I wandered by my local gun store (LGS) yesterday. Surprisingly, there was a parking space right in front of the store. The scrum inside was intense, rather than frightening. Lo and behold! There on the wall o’ rifles were . . . rifles. Modern sporting ones. Where before a couple of over-priced MSRs made the LGS’s “assault rifle rack” look like a Cold War Polish department store, a farrago of firearms made my heart go all aflutter. Yes, there is that: price. My LGS is not in the gouging business, but discounts are obvious by their absence. Anyway, does this mean the AR drought is done? If so, prices should be dropping. Which makes Daniel E’s $13,289 bid on a Colt Model LT6720 at is a joke of some sort. So why am I not laughing? And no, they didn’t have any ammo, save .40s and some 00 buck.