Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Ad Stereotypes Gun Owners

“‘Comprehensive background checks’ means gun registration. Registration leads to confiscation. Always has. Always will. And that leaves us less safe.” That’s my comment underneath the box-fresh ad from the Mayors Against Ilegal Guns’ ad just posted on YouTube. I wonder how long that will last. [Update: comments disabled.] In any case, billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s homies are launching $12m national advertising campaign on Monday. “The ads, in a dozen states, will blanket those senators’ districts during an Easter congressional recess that is to be followed by debate over the legislation,” reports. The NRA’s Chris Cox comeback is a classic . . .

The NRA plans to roll out its own lobbying campaign, using print and broadcast advertising to reach lawmakers during the recess. But its leaders said that their investment was unlikely to rival the intensity of Bloomberg’s spending, to be carried out through Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group he co-founded.

‘‘Can we match Mayor Bloomberg dollar for dollar?’’ asked Chris W. Cox, the group’s chief lobbyist. ‘‘No one can. We don’t have to.’’ . . .

‘’What he is going to find out is that Americans don’t want to be told by some elitist billionaire what they can eat, drink and they damn well don’t want to be told how, when and where they can protect their families,’’ Cox said.

And I can’t wait until Shall Not Be Questioned gets on the trail of this OFWG-wanna-be actor, who’s about as credible a 2A proponent as Rosie-Jones, and a lot harder on the eyes.