Easter bunny (courtesy TS for The Truth About Guns)

19 Responses to Incendiary Image of the Day: The Easter Bunny Cancels the Egg Hunt Edition

  1. Over the years Ralphies bunny pajamas and Red Ryder have evolved. He now protects his hometown from evil, he is the “Pink Nightmare.”

  2. Elmer Fudd in his old age decided to once and for all end that mouthy buggs, by trading in his shotty for an msr and the best damn bunny camo money can buy.

    • I would think that outfit more appropo for a ‘furries and plushies’ soiree, but maybe I’m behind the times.

  3. Thanks for posting my picture! It was fun taking this picture and the ones with my baby girl. My grandma made this costume 25 years ago and it is still holding up. The kids love it despite not having a nose or mouth.

    Happy Easter from down the bayou in LA!

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