Gun Preview: Caracal F with Quick Sights

Even as my Caracal C with Quick Sights languishes in lock-up (Day 182), the Arabian gunmaker sent me a full-size Caracal F with Quick Sights for T&E. Shooting the 18-round semi was like having sex with Elizabeth Hurley before the whole botox thing. Granted, I’ve never had sex with Elizabeth Hurley, either back in the day or since. But if I had done the horizontal mambo with the safety pin siren I imagine it would be as much fun as shooting the Caracal F with Quick Sights. Or not. Who knows? All I know is that the F’s ‘effing brilliant. The trigger’s as smooth as [your choice of reference to Ms. Hurley’s pre-Passenger 57 anatomy] and the gun feels as good in my hand as [that’s enough of that then]. There’s an issue with slide lock, which I’ll discuss in the full review. White whale indeed.