Governor Cuomo Sticking to His Guns, Wants to Keep 7 Round Limit


While RF was spreading the cheer about New York Democrats wanting to revise the NY SAFE Act, it looks like Governor Cuomo might not be on board. The news program Capital Tonight is reporting that the Gov says he will not accept any change to the magazine capacity limit. From the program’s blog . . .

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quick to hold his first question-and-answer session since Thursday with reporters after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirmed that alterations to the state’s new gun control law had crept into the budget negotiations.

Cuomo, who insisted he would not accept a change in the limits on high-capacity magazine, opened the door to the budget not be completed by the end of this week.

Honestly, I’d be pretty happy if Cuomo strong-armed New York Democrats into keeping the SAFE Act as-is. The man has his eyes on the presidency, and something tells me that he’ll be wanting to use the SAFE Act to sell his bona fides to New York and California voters. So keeping the act in place is high on his list of priorities. Which means that legal challenges like the Tresmond case can run their course and completely and totally bitchslap the bill out of existence.

In short, this thing isn’t over. Not even close.