WSJ Discovers Counting Gun Owners is Problematic


Who’d-a thunk it? Looks like all those polls the Gun Control Industrial Complex love to cite showing gun ownership dropping may be…wait for it…flawed. For some reason, lots of gun owners are rather reticent about telling a complete stranger whether or how many firearms they have in the house. I know, right? From’s piece, Gun Counts Can be Hit-or-Miss: “Some surveys show ownership rates declining, but whether that’s simply because Americans have become less likely to tell strangers they own guns is “an open question,” said Arthur Kellermann, a policy analyst at the think tank RAND Corporation.” Only the best and the brightest make the RAND team, no? But here’s the great part: it just doesn’t matter. The Second Amendment’s an individual right. No matter how much gun grabbers want to paint it otherwise, the RKBA isn’t dependent on participation rates. How great is that?