Feds Focus Gun Law Enforcement on Rural America

America needs stronger federal gun control laws to fight the scourge of gun violence in our cities that threatens even children in their own schoolrooms. We know this because our peripatetic president, the civilian disarmament caucus in congress and the Gun Control Industrial Complex tell us so. Every chance they get. The only thing standing between the current sad state of affairs and the peace and tranquility that reigns in places like the UK is having the moral courage it takes to enact common sense measures such as an assault weapons ban and stiffer prohibitions against gun trafficking. But if all that’s true – if federal prosecutors are under-gunned (so to speak) when trying to fight gangs and straw purchasers – why were Chicago, LA and New York dead last federal gun law enforcement last year? . . .

usnews.com has sifted through the data from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) report:

The districts of Eastern New York, Central California, and Northern Illinois ranked 88th, 89th and 90th, respectively, out of 90 districts, in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes per capita last year, but it wasn’t always this way. All three districts fell lower on the list than they had been in years past. In 2010, for example, Chicago was 78th in federal weapons prosecutions.

So while the blood-soaked City of Big Shoulders racked up more than 500 murders committed with firearms last year, where was the D0J devoting most of its resources in the fight against illegal guns? On the mean streets of southern Alaska, Kansas and western Tennessee, naturally enough.

Susan Long, a statistician and co-director of TRAC, said the data revealed a stronger federal enforcement presence in rural areas than urban ones. “If taxpayers of [a certain area] don’t pass strong gun control measures … the feds pick up the ball,” she said. “But now we’ve got sequestration cutting back on all these resources.”

So our betters in Washington have looked across the fruited plain and have seen a big disparity. They figure that all the civil rights abrogating anti-gun laws on the books in places like Chicago and New York mean Rahm and Mike have things well in hand, gun-wise. No really.

Then there are places that take a more, laissez faire approach to their citizens owning and using firearms. The feds obviously see this, sigh and figure that if the dumb rubes who occupy flyover country won’t enact the same kinds of common sense laws their more enlightened urban big brothers have, then it’s up to them to step in and do something about it.

And it’s hard to blame them, really. Who could look at Chicago and not conclude that all those gun laws are doing the job?