Armed Citizen Project Giving Guns to the Poor

More guns = less crime. That’s the Lottian corollary. Not to mention the experience of law abiding gun owners from sea to shining sea. “As criminals have more reason to fear the citizenry, crime begins to drop as a result.” And there you have the common sense thinking that animates the activism of Kyle Coplen, founder of […]

DoD: Don’t Call Ft. Hood Casualties Victims of Terrorism

“Legislation that would award the injured from the 2009 Fort Hood shooting the Purple Heart would adversely affect the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan by labeling the attack terrorism, according to a Defense Department document obtained by Fox News.” Because we can’t say a terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as he shot US soldiers during the […]

Feds Focus Gun Law Enforcement on Rural America

America needs stronger federal gun control laws to fight the scourge of gun violence in our cities that threatens even children in their own schoolrooms. We know this because our peripatetic president, the civilian disarmament caucus in congress and the Gun Control Industrial Complex tell us so. Every chance they get. The only thing standing […]

Quote of the Day: Correlation Edition

“If American (sic) had gun laws like those in Canada, England, or Australia, it would have a level of gun violence more like that of Canada, England, or Australia. That’s as certain a prediction as any that the social sciences can provide. To believe that gun control can’t work here is to believe that the psyches […]

NY Snags Another One: Down Goes Guerrero!

After a spate of high profile arrests of unsuspecting out-of-towners about a year ago who somehow hadn’t gotten the word that the five boroughs aren’t particularly accommodating when it comes to Second Amendment rights, things seemed to settle down for a while. Bloomberg’s Army went back to their usual business of shooting bystanders, arresting home […]

Question of the Day: Why Shouldn’t We Tool Up Like LEOs?

Reader David Brown writes: I’ve noticed there are many people in the general public and political arena that seem to see a clear distinction between what weapons and magazines are appropriate for law enforcement and what are appropriate for “the rest of us”. The only differences I see are ones that heavily favor the average […]

Quote of the Day: Suffering the Consequences Edition

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them. That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big, and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.” – Chris Jurney, […]