When Only Police Have Guns . . .


They shoot each other. Pittsburgh’s wpxi.com tells the tale. “Allegheny County police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said the girlfriend told 911 dispatchers that her boyfriend had a gun and was distraught. She then locked herself in a bedroom and said that her boyfriend had calmed down. When the three Baldwin officers and a Whitehall officer arrived at the home, Miller went to the door and ordered the man to put his hands up. He [the man in the house] had a milk jug in one hand while his other hand was behind the door. Moffatt said the man tried to close the door and one of the Baldwin officers fired two shots, one striking Miller just below his bulletproof vest . . .

The other Baldwin officer then fired a shot that hit the house.

“The officer behind him fired his weapon twice. There was another officer farther away from the house. He hears the shots, sees the officer down, levels his weapon and fires once striking the outside of the house,” said Allegheny County police Supt. Charles Moffatt.

What’s the bet one or more of the cops was holding a (strangely unreported) AR-15?  The shot cop has a shattered pelvis, shattered hip and possible nerve damage. And what of the gentleman with the assault milk jug?

Police said the man inside of the home was not armed and had tossed his rifle out of a window into the yard. His name has not been released. Investigators said the man could face charges unrelated to the shooting.

Yeah, cause they got to charge him with something, right? Otherwise, the insurance won’t pay out. [h/t GMan]