Wait. Don’t We Already Have Gun Control?

NRA Board member Ted Nugent was uncharacteristically subdued last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. [Click here to watch.] Coherent, too. When Morgan pointed out that America already has 50 gun control laws, Ted asked “What makes you think the 51st law will stop this kind of slaughter?” Good point. [NB: the actual number of federal firearms laws is closer to 300.] By the same token, when you see a banner that says “March on Washington for Gun Control” (as above) it’s important to remember we already have gun control. The antis are clamoring for more gun control. Civilian disarmament. But that’s not a politically palatable concept—at least on the federal level. To wit: the President’s worthless assurances yesterday that his pet gun control measures are 2A-friendly. Leading sfgate.com to proclaim Obama pushes for some gun control. Again, we already have “some” gun control. What we need is “less.” I wish Ted had promoted that concept. Someone should.