Vallejo Cops Gone Wild

I thought long and hard about posting this. I even slept on it. And . . . here it is: police brutality in all its glory. Sure, Blake Robles shouldn’t have stepped-up to the cop; I always communicate passivity to cops with my words, body language and tone of voice. And it’s hard to watch a man [literally] cry to the media after getting walloped and chest compressed by a Marine cum law enforcement officer. But I reckon there’s a direct correlation (if not causation) between “liberal” carry laws and police accountability. In other words, cops are more likely to respect their fellow civilians if they think they might be packing heat; both practically and culturally. And wouldn’t you just know it . . .

The Grand Jury was informed that “[i]n consideration of the newly adopted guidelines, coupled with the lack of articulated justifications on the part of an applicant for needing a CCP aside from Reserve Police Officers, we rarely issue new permits.

This despite the fact that a story last June that a Vallejo man with permitted concealed weapon stops restaurant robbery. What’s the bet that he got his permit outside the city? And the cops almost kicked the crap out of him too?

Guns save lives. Gun permits save societies.