UK Develops DNA Tagging Gun for Protesters

When a populace are disarmed subjects rather than armed citizens, when they don’t have a written constitution or the right to silence, there are only two ways it can go: criminally controlled chaos with endemic corruption (e.g., Mexico) or a police state (e.g. the UK). I don’t know if the UK police force will implement SelectaDNA’s High Velocity DNA Tagging System. But I bet they want to. reports that CO2 cartridges imbed the DNA tag in skin creases for up to two weeks. “The pistol can squeeze off 20 shots per 12-gram cartridge, while the rifle’s capacity is higher. Both guns allow users to hit targets from a range of 30 to 40 meters (98 to 131 feet).” So it’s jolly useful for marking protestors for later collection. But not in the U.S., where armed civilians might not take kindly to getting shot by anyone with anything. See the difference?