Two Words for Condescending Cavett: Christopher Dorner

Sheriff's deputies stand watch outside jail after a reported sighting of Christopher Dorner. No civilians were shot in the making of this photograph (courtesy

“Yes, Terry, it would take extremely skillful Bushmaster-wielders to hold out for long against that same evil government’s jet bombers, rocket grenades, tear gas, off-shore gunships, heavy-duty cannons and napalm,” Dick Cavett cavils condescendingly on the New York Times’ Doofenshmirtzian opinionator blog. “Not to mention drones. And, of course, its well-trained militia.” Translation: Foolish gun owner, surrender! Resistance is futile. While I’m sure ex-LAPD cop turned executioner Christoper Dorner is a leftist nutcase, his ability to avoid an army of cops and feds is yet another example of how a determined man with a gun is not an anachronism, even in these days of extra-judicial drone death. Oh and Dick: “More on Guns, With Readers”? See what they did there?