The Last Word on Cars vs. Guns

"The Model 1895 was John Browning's first production belt-fed machine gun, seen here mounted on a 1905 Franklin Cross." (courtesy

Christian Traina writes:

My mother was trying to make a case for gun laws based on vehicular laws. Here was my response.

1- The private sale of a vehicle does not have to be reported to the state
2- A motor vehicle sale does not require a criminal background check
3- There is no limit to the capacity of horsepower a vehicle may have
4- A person can legally own a vehicle at any age
5- A vehicle can be operated in public as early as 16
6- There is no waiting period to buy a car
7- You can buy as many cars you want in a month
8- Students are allowed to bring their cars to school

9- There are no “car free zones”
10- Politicians do not create laws that ban the legal ownership of specific models of cars
11- Politicians do not ban cosmetic features on cars
12- Politicians do not regulate how much gas you can put in your car
13- People diagnosed with a mental illness can buy a car
14- People diagnosed with a mental illness can drive a car
15- People with a criminal record can buy a car
16- People with a criminal record can drive a car
17- Mayor Bloomberg does not require you ask him permission to use a car in NYC
18- Rahm Emmanuel does not advise banks to blackmail car manufacturers
19- It does not take 3 months to begin driving once you have passed your test
20- Children are allowed to bring toy cars to school
21- Schools do not suspend students for making driving gestures with their hands
20- You are not required to provide your fingerprints upon acquiring your drivers license
23- You can make any alteration to your vehicle without having to get approval from the ATF
24- You don’t have to go through the ATF to get a muffler for your car
25- A drivers license will permit you to drive anywhere on the continent (even NYC)
26- No restrictions for “high capacity fuel tanks”
27- The media has not assigned a “behavior type” to certain vehicles in hopes of turning public favor against them
28- You are not required to lock up your car by law
29- MSNBC does not edit video to make drivers look like criminals
30- Vehicular laws do not violate my constitutional rights
31- Obama does not advise doctors to ask patients if they own a car
32- When there is a terrible drunk driving accident, congress does not pass laws on the size of rims you can have
33- No one correlates strict driving laws with vehicular deaths
34- No one complains that a car involved in vehicular homicide came from out of state
35- The government does not prevent civilians to own vehicles as it contracts thousands for itself
36- San Diego Police are not proposing a plan to end civilian driving in a generation
37- The media actually owns cars, and are capable of speaking factually about them
38- Politicians actually own cars, and are capable of speaking factually about them
39- Cars don’t kill people, drivers kill people
40- You can buy a car “just for fun”