Question of the Day: What Can Gun Rights Advocates Do to Win Voters’ Hearts?

Until it hits the Supreme Court (again), the battle to defend and extend Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is not about logic, reason or facts. It’s about feelings. After Sandy Hook, tens of Americans no longer feel safe. They weren’t safe in the first place—ipso facto—but that’s the way they felt. And now they’re happy enough to surrender your gun rights so they can return to blissfully ignorance (until the next time innocents are slaughtered). That’s bad. And you don’t have to watch the above PSA from CAGV (click here for their scary ass agenda) or the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir singing at the Superbowl to know that gun rights advocates are getting hammered by the “feelings gap.” What can the pro-gun side do to win the hearts—not the minds—of the middle-of-the-road political mainstream? Whatever it is, someone needs to do it fast.