Question of the Day: What Are You Doing to Stay Sharp During the Ammo Shortage?

I’m a firm believer that practice time away from the range is more important than practice time at the range. I unload and triple safety check my carry gun (talking aloud to myself as I do it) and practice presentation wearing my cover garments—always moving of the X. I also unload and triple check my rifle and shotgun and practice moving around the house (shades drawn). I don’t feel the necessity to pull the trigger on my gun when training in the comfort and safety of my home. I figure it’s safer not to. And it trains me to keep my booger finger off the bang switch while bringing my gun to bear on a target. In fact, I reckon if you practice dry firing every time you train you train yourself to become trigger happy. Not good. Anyway, I also have a laser trainer (review to follow). What are you doing to maintain your armed self-defense skills now that ammo is obvious by its absence on the shelves?