Question of the Day: Should We Forgive Cheaper Than Dirt?


You may remember that Cheaper Than Dirt earned the eternal ire of many members of the gun rights community when the Internet firearms and ammo retailer reacted to the Newtown civilian disarmament. CTD ceased firearms sales. And then restarted them. And then stopped. And then started again. Cheaper Than Dirt never came clean about their “fluid” firearms policy. But they soon started a pro-2A blog. And now we learn that they’ve donated $100k to The Second Amendment Foundation. And announced they’re not selling guns or ammo to NY LEOs. Forgiven? Or are they dead to you?


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226 Responses to Question of the Day: Should We Forgive Cheaper Than Dirt?

  1. avatarDaniel Silverman says:

    No they won’t sell to ME in California so no… See that was fair and easy now wasn’t it..

    • avatarMatt in FL says:

      Can’t really argue with that.

    • I don’t think they deserve forgiveness. Donating money to the 2nd amendment foundation is only a tactical more to improve their standing with pro 2a guys like the same guys they let down before.

      I will never again buy from CTD or Dicks Sporting Good and I have gone as far as demand other sites that are gun related like to remove their cheaper than dirt adds which made me so mad I told them I would not return to their sight if the adds remain.

      The money donations are a step in the right direction, a step that is now necessary to regain business once more not really cause they care that much. They are still price gouging so no…

      • avatarjames taylor says:

        yep. 223 899.00 for 1000 I looked right befor I declined there emails from now on. today I went to cabelas 223 pmc 8.99 a box. cabelas stayed true thru it all . let dirt cheap eat shit and die with there dirty prices

      • avatarjames taylor says:

        and what about sportsmans guid they did it too

    • avatarAlphaGeek says:

      If they have something I need on a timely basis and can’t get elsewhere, such as a specific type of 20ga shotgun ammo, I’ll use them as a last-resort vendor. I’ll send them a little business if it means being able to get two boxes of the specific Federal high-density ammo our shotguns like in time for a short-notice turkey hunt.

      No more large orders, though. I’ve ordered a couple thousand rounds of .40 target ammo through CTD (I know, that’s nothing for this crowd) and that’s never happening again.

      It does make the decision a lot simpler when they won’t sell firearms to CA residents, that’s for sure. :)

      • avatarChris says:

        More than not selling firearms to California, but they won’t even sell legal parts to Californians if they are “Assault Weapon” parts. These parts are perfectly legal in California, yet CTD refuses to ship them to California. Most of us wrote them off years ago.

    • avatarAnthony says:

      I have a New Jersey Firearm Purchase ID Card that allows me to purchase rifles and shotguns in N.J., and a CCP Nationwide (retired law enforcement officer). Cheaper then dirt will not sell me a shotgun because I am I a New Jersey Resident. I gave them a FFL in New Jersey and/or Pa. to send it to but they still will not sell the shotgun to me. I called and they said there are 9 states in which they will not sell guns to their residents (FFL not withstanding). I even put a Pa. FFL dealer as the legal recipient and they still refused.
      Is this some sort of liberal discrimination??

      • avatarLou says:

        Buy it somewhere else. Anyway I don’t think Cheaper than Dirt is an appropriate name. Looked at their prices lately. Especially on ammo. You can get it cheaper at your local gun store. A lot of the Mom & Pop shops ration it but at least they’re not stickin it to ya on price. You know the old saying,” screw me once shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.”

      • avatarLou says:

        Buy it somewhere else. Anyway I don’t think Cheaper than Dirt is an appropriate name. Looked at their prices lately. Especially on ammo. You can get it cheaper at your local gun store. A lot of the Mom & Pop shops ration it but at least they’re not stickin it to ya on price. You know the old saying,” stick me once shame on you. Stick me twice, shame on me.”

      • avatarGary Crist says:

        Been to NJ & NY (was forced to live in Newark when I was a kid) glad my father got shipped to Nevada (military police) as far as cheaper than d—, price gouging #***** liberal ass kissers WILL NEVER FORGIVE
        and never is a long time!!!

  2. avatarMotoJB says:

    I thought this was already covered…the answer to me is NO. Never another penny of my money. Their shipping prices are ridiculous anyhow.

  3. avatarSCS says:

    Uhhh, in a word…………….NO

    • avatarBilly Wardlaw says:

      Same here. There are too many other retailers that I can give my monetary support to – retailers that held fast.

      • avatarGuy22 says:

        Always done great by me!
        CTD has never been cheep! I can usally find a better deal.
        I have bought from them, and they have/had good customer service.
        But……..??? Not so much anymore!

  4. avatarPulatso says:

    Not so quickly, but maybe one day. I always had a problem with the way they calculated shipping, so I never bought much from them anyway.

  5. avatarBlehtastic says:

    If they stop trying to fund giant profits with their obviously unnecessary multiple shipping charges per order, then maybe. But until then, no.

    • avatarTRUTHY says:

      So I am not the only one that thinks their shipping charges are absolutely ridiculous. What difference does a cheap price make if the shipping makes it the same as everywhere else? And what’s with the “this is shipped from warehouse A” and “this is shipped form warehouse B”. Like I give a sh*t where it’s shipped from.

      • avatarBrent says:

        Shipping is “cheaper” if all of your items are in the same warehouse. If you mix warehouses in the same order it went up a few dollars. I’ve never cared for the system either and only ordered from them once.

        • avatarblehtastic says:

          Their inability, or unwillingness, to plan logistics should not affect my price at checkout. They are a big enough company to do what Amazon does and have several warehouses around the country, all of which stock just about everything. In the event that I want something rare or unusual, it would be more profitable for them to offer free shipping, and earn my loyal business, than it is to try and game me into actually paying more than I would if I go to Brownell’s or Midway and pay full retail prices.

        • avatarGyufygy says:

          The one time I ordered from them, I got multiple, separate shipments from the same warehouse. Arrived on different days, got charged for each one. Hell with that.

  6. avatarEd Rogers says:

    Never purchased from them. Their price gouging sure turned me off…maybe the 100k is part of their ill-gotten gains?

  7. avatarNate says:

    Dead to me. Even if they donated me $100k, I would still have issue. It’s the principle.

    They inflate their prices to take advantage of politics and tragedy, even when their distributors/suppliers haven’t increased the price. If other companies can sell pmags for the same price they did 6 months ago, then CTD could do it as well. Their shipping policy sucks too.

  8. avatarreoiv says:

    No, they angered me after the election in 2008 and any good will they earned back they lost it forever after how they handled themselves after Newtown.

    Look at Brownells and Midway and then CTD. Brownells and Midway will continue to get my business and CTD will just get the middle finger.

  9. avatarWilliam says:

    Tried, but I’m just not feelin’ it.

  10. avatarTom jones says:

    Never again peace out bro.

  11. avatarCrazed Java says:

    I get increasing prices due to demand, though I think at the cost of your customer goodwill is a bad idea.

    However, it takes a special kind of douche to charge $100 a PMAG, list it as “Our low price” AND call yourself “Cheaper Than Dirt”

    Yeah, I have plenty of other places to shop. Their prices were never that good and the couple of times I considered ordering from them the shipping was outrageous considering they are a couple of towns over.

  12. avatarTyler says:

    They are dead to me. Plenty of other places to shop that are not run by total douche bags.

  13. avatarMatt in AL says:

    I haven’t visited there website since I saw 30 round magazines for $99. Don’t plan to ever visit it again…they are dead to me.

  14. avatarCasey T says:

    No, the donation is just an attempt to get sales back. No apology, no attempt to quit price gouging. Cheaper than Dirt as a business can die.

  15. avatarJTPhilly says:

    Just FYI they have also posted this statement on their FB page:

    “Recently, companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms have announced that they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states that deny the right to own those items to civilians. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy to not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and/or agents in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this policy.”

    I’m not saying it’s time to forgive and forget, but I am happy to see this.

    • avatarRebecca says:

      TLTL – Too Little, Too Late.

    • avatarConnorMN says:

      Just belay the fact that the companies they mentioned have refused to do business ALTOGETHER with Local, State, and Federal Agencies…

      Not simply pick and choose what they do and do not want to sell to them.

  16. avatarDr. Will Phu LeMaul says:

    Not as long as Davidson’s Gallery can offer me the firearms I need, And there are plenty of other places for accessories and ammo. I always check my LGS first. They have served me well and deserve first chance at EVERYTHING. CTD just jumped the shark after Newtown as far as I’m concerned.

  17. avatarIn Memphis says:

    They never appealed to me and while I commend them for their donation, Im still not interested. Was this out of sincerity or to save face? Thats my question.

    Slightly related, I made my first online gun purchase ever. Found a M91/30 at Buds and it just happened to be pay day so I took a chance. I cant wait to pick it up.

    • avatarSixpack70 says:

      I have a 91/30 and an M44. Great guns and fun to shoot!

      • avatarIn Memphis says:

        Couldnt find any M44′s but up until yesterday they had Type 53′s which is a Chinies M44 clone. Unfortunatley they were sold out today.

        • avatarguzzimike says:

          When I saw middle of last week they had both 91/30s & Type 53s in stock I ordered 2 of each. Picking them up tomorrow @ my local FFL & keeping fingers crossed the stocks on the T53s aren’t trash.

        • avatarIn Memphis says:

          Good luck on the 53s. I have read poor reviews about them in terms of the condition of the stocks. Nit trying to disourage you, either way for the price and history its worth it.

        • avatarWLCE says:

          type 53s are crude. XD

    • avatarjwm says:

      Memphis, you have begun an addiction that will consume more and more of your resources. There are a lot of you tube instructionals on how to get the cosmo out of them. And check out the vids on corking the actions and barrels. Made a world of difference in how mine shoot.

      I currently own 4 liberated commie guns. 5 if you count my winchester .22 that was made by TOZ in Russia. My SKS and Makarov are as reliable as any semi auto can be.

    • avatarDJ says:

      I placed the same order with Bud’s today.

  18. avatarchris says:

    Reputation: how you act when others are looking
    Character: how you act when no on is looking.

    They acted like a$$holes when EVERYONE was looking during the height of the frenzy. If they act like that when the light is one them I can only imagine what their “character”, as described above is. Screw them. Let them sleep in the bed they made.

  19. avatarMatt in FL says:

    The pricing thing doesn’t bother me so much, because that’s how a free market works. (For more info, please see the really obnoxious “gouging vs free market” argument that’s sure to rear its head here eventually.)

    I intensely dislike the politically correct “we don’t sell guns yes we do our system was broken we’ll sell guns again but not scary black ones” roller coaster they went through.

    I will try to avoid giving them money in the future, but to be honest, that won’t be hard, as I’ve only spent money with them once in the past, and my experience has been that it’s not at all hard to beat their prices once shipping and bullshit handling charges are factored in with just a little bit of shopping around.

    • avatarMichael B. says:


    • avatarBrock says:

      My feelings exactly. I ‘like’ the boycott ctd Facebook page, not because of the prices but because of their flip-flopping stance on gun sales.

      Anyway, I’ve had pretty good luck with midwayusa and the lgs for my handgun ammo needs in the last few months.

      • avatarRevelation says:

        I have to disagree. Even our local jerk dealer who goes around town buying up everyone’s stock and then marking it up in his own store still sells his pmags for 40 bucks. 99 dollars is flat out gouging, not supply and demand. This can be proven (at least here locally) in that his shelves stay full at that $40 price. If supply and demand allowed a $99 price point, his stock would be gone at this 60% discount no?

        As far as CTD, I love their site, it’s great for finding what I’m looking for than going to amazon to avoid paying the ridiculous shipping charges. Now *there’s* some supply and demand for you.

        • avatarMike Williamson says:

          Doesn’t matter how much higher the price is than the local guy, it isn’t price gouging…it’s free market. No one has to buy from them at that price. As long as they don’t lie or deceive to get someone to pay the price, it’s simple freem market.

  20. avatarsam says:

    pandering to democrats is worse than being drinking buddies with Lenin …. at least he was consistent

  21. avatarJim R says:

    CTD isn’t selling anything I can’t get elsewhere for less money.

  22. avatarOddux says:

    The price “gouging” in a high-demand, low supply market where re-supply is delayed and the market’s future uncertain doesn’t bother me.

    Their flip-flopping on gun sales does.

    Mostly though, I hate their shipping policies, so I don’t bother with them.

  23. avatarnickcam79 says:

    No.abandoned their customer base when they were most needed. I hope they go out of business.

  24. avatarCZ-PA says:

    With the profit margins and sales they’ve had lately, $100k is probably nothing to them. That said, I love me some SAF and I’m glad to see them get the check. I hope their coffers and membership rolls are skyrocketing. Lots of people and retailers are swimming in panic profits right now. It would be great if they would follow CTD’s lead on this.

  25. avatarNot Jimbo says:

    $99 PMAGS
    Colt 6920 for $3800 (last year it was less than $1000)

    Even if I forgive them, I still couldn’t afford them. They need to work a lot harder to get my business back.

  26. avatarCharles5 says:

    Their prices were never cheaper than dirt. Buds almost always beat them on Firearms prices (plus Buds had shipping included in the price and CTD does not). The rest of the inventory was decently priced for the most part prior to the ban hysteria. However, their outrageous shipping charges always negated any savings. I could often times find the same or similar item on Amazon for a little bit more on the listed price, but ended up being cheaper due to shipping (plus my prime membership gets me my stuff in two days). Suffice it to say, I had only spent about $200 with them in the past and rarely visited their site because I knew the shipping costs would always counter the whole cheaper than dirt shtick. After their shameless show of cowardice and disgusting price gauging ($129 for a Colt AR magazine, really!?!), I have no intention of ever sending them my business ever again. MidwayUSA, Cabelas, and Brownells’ selection is just as good if not better at times and I have a few other places that meet my needs at a lower expense. Besides, the only reason they are backtracking now is because despite the buying frenzy out there, I get the impression that either their bottom line has taken a hit or they are afraid it will when all the dust settles. If I ran SAF, I would have very politely told them that we don’t accept donations from cowardly, unprincipled traitors and that they could shove their money where the sun don’t shine.

  27. avatarAWW says:

    No we should not forgive them. We should boycott them…unless they are the only one’s who have something I really need to get before it’s outlawed…

    What can I say…I’m a practical ideologue.

  28. avatarST says:

    CTD is banned like my ex girlfriends. Radio silence, no contact, and best wishes to hit receivership as soon as possible.

    Why? Because if the Democrats did pass an AWB, that $100,000 would be going to the Brady Campaign instead of the SAF. They’re playing both ends against the middle, and such are not even worth discussing.Theyre like crooked IL politicians who donate to children’s shelters to make up for their day to day extortion and kickback rackets.

  29. avatarRandy Drescher says:

    They weren’t there for us & now we should be there for them? The words kiss my ass come to mind, Randy

  30. avatarDave S says:

    I will give them the benefit of the doubt on their 2a support.

    However, I caution them, I value integrity and value from a retailer. Like others have mentioned here, I do question some of their shipping policies and charges.

    I would almost pay a little more for a retailer who is more consistent in such things, so I never have the sneaking suspicion in my mind that I am being ripped off.

    I dont think CthanD needs to play games with us to be a commercial winner.

  31. avatarTRP says:

    Haven’t purchased from them in a while. Too much “smoke and mirrors” with low prices but high shipping costs. This time they cooked their own goose…

  32. avatarSGC says:

    Price gouging and ridiculous shipping prices…CTD is a last resort for me…a very last resort…if at all.

  33. avatarLeo Atrox says:

    I’d do a lot for $100 million. I’ll forgive for free. But I still won’t ever buy anything from Cheaper Than Dirt!

  34. avatarHal says:

    I want to continue to hate them but that donation will surely come in handy…

    Still dead to me but at least they’re finally doing something right…

  35. avatarJP in Tennessee says:

    I used them a lot, but never again.

  36. avatarWiebelhaus says:

    I don’t mind the soul searching, that’s fine, the price gouging I don’t and I won’t shop there again. 100 bucks for an AR mag? 60 bucks for a Ruger BX25 for 10/22? f that.

    • avatarMatt in FL says:

      Wait, so you’re OK with them yanking gun sales for no reason other than political correctness, but you draw the line on limited quantity items to preserve supply? Weird.

  37. avatarRebecca says:

    Hmmmm…. let me think… they’ve donated to Second Amendment Foundation in an effort to polish the turd….

    No. HELL no.

  38. avatarThe Doc says:

    Dead to me. Especially after 133$ Colt AR Mags, 1000% markups much?

  39. avatarGraybeard says:

    Never used them since I have always been able to get stuff cheaper elsewhere – or just didn’t have the dough no matter how cheap it was.

    That said – if it weren’t for second chances none of us would be much. I’m willing if they’re able to get their shipping rates down and quit this middle-of-the-road stuff.

    As the old boy said, “The only things in the middle of the road are yellow lines, dead skunks and dead armadillos.”

  40. avatarold and scarred says:


  41. avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    There’s no forgiveness without true confession and repentance. Let’s see a thorough, detailed and unforgiving mea culpa, followed by firings and resignations before any forgiveness can be contemplated.

  42. avatarCort says:

    Eh. Nobody’s perfect; everybody makes mistakes. Long as they’re done flip-flopping, I don’t see why not.

  43. avatarpk in AZ says:


  44. avatarJohn says:

    Not only no, but…

  45. avatarGreg G says:

    Piss on ‘em. Let ‘em rot.

  46. avatarboardsnbikes says:

    I removed CTD from my bookmarks.

  47. avatarfitz19d says:

    Screw CTD Forever and Always

    • avatarSammy says:

      That’ll give ‘em a rash.

    • avatarRadonedoc says:

      They are dead to me… Ordered tons from them in past. Never again. Jgsales, aim surplus, classic firearms, wideners and sportsmans guide are the real deal. No bs, no gouging. Ctd = banned for life.

  48. avatarJohn C says:

    Midway gets my money.

  49. avatarDawn says:

    One stands by their convictions no matter the circumstance or they have no convictions to stand on… Any company that sways with the political winds is a company who will never see a dime from me!

  50. avatarCold Frog says:

    No!, at the first sign of trouble or a bad image, they abandoned us (fellow gun owners). They can’t be trusted again; they are the very definition of a fair weather corporation.

  51. avatarTim U says:

    Never going to go back to them, because of their self-imposed ban on firearm sales.

    Too bad too, they had some things I had trouble finding elsewhere. But I told them I’d never return, and I aim to stand by it.

  52. avatarChuckN says:

    NO. The 100k isn’t to make amends. It’s to buy absolution.

  53. avatarBuster says:

    When they change their name to “Cheaper than Sh1t”……and their price reflects it,,,maybe, but I doubt it..

  54. avatarGaryinVT says:

    $100,000 to SAF? I think that’s reasonable atonement, though they dragged their name through the mud. Dunno if they can recover. If they don’t, then they will be kind of like the dead crow we left as an example to the others.

  55. avatareugene says:

    the 100K to SAF is nice, although my personal inclination is to make their own stance, beyond the blog, on politics and fighting the fight with the rest of us.

    anyone can donate a buck, not everyone contributes blood sweat and tears to the cause.

    but, as a CA resident, I’m more or less unaffected by what they do with sales of firearms, so their decision didn’t affect me. I tend to be OK with the last decision to be pro-2A if that indeed is their final position and not just a capitalistic one.

  56. avatarDirk Diggler says:

    they are short a few zeros before I will even consider forgiveness . . . . they also need to FIRE their CEO, Chief Marketing Officer and General Counsel or outside law firm who advised them on their policies.

  57. avatarSammy says:

    Yea I’ll return to CTD, NOT. They showed their colors. As the saying goes f me once, shame on you, f me twice shame on me. Go back to CTD? are you nutzzy? $110.00 30r Colt mags. .90 for 5.56!! CTD can FOAD.

  58. I will continue to check them against everybody else… There is some awesome competition out there. Brownells, Lucky Gunner, Midway… etc

  59. avatarJohn says:

    Lower Than Dirt is not only dead, they are cremated and buried. Not one cent more. You don’t buy forgiveness. You man up, admit your mistakes, and then you serve to fix the issues. Just throwing money at it makes it seem like you’re trying to buy people off and saying “Look at what we did!”.

  60. avatarsurlycmd says:


  61. avatarMatt in SD says:

    I’d rather pull a splinter out of a porcupine’s rear end with my teeth. I hope thats not too vague.

  62. avatarScholarCat says:

    I support my LGS.

    And that’s all I got to say about that.

    • avatarLongBeach says:

      This. The markups are pretty severe at my LGS (and at most in Socal), but they’re good people and I like knowing exactly who gets my hard-earned pesos.

  63. avatarJason Coyne says:

    Raising prices isn’t really objectionable. Once the shortage is really there there are two possibilities :

    1) They keep prices the same. Those items are immediately bought and either hoarded by the lucky early-bird, or resold at “black market” rates. Anybody after the initial rush is SOL as there is 0 inventory (Or they pay market clearing rates to the black market)

    2) They raise prices. Resellers are cut out. Broke people can’t get guns, but for those who actually have the desire to purchase guns at the market clearing rate, are able to find inventory.

    Either way, people are paying the high prices. The only question is are you paying to the black market, or to the retail. If I’m going to pay black market rates, I’d much rather have a reputable company on the other end of that transaction I can go to with complaints/support, and in the worst case sue, rather than some schmuck on gunbroker.

    This is basic economics. Demand increased. Supply didn’t. Prices go up.

    On the other hand, the stopping of sales is less excusable, and was a sign of cowardace

  64. avatarCharles says:

    No, put your money and support on people with a back bone otherwise when things get bad again they will bail.

  65. avatarByron says:

    Papaw said, “A burned child dreads the fire.” Their immediate gouging, cryptic messages about evaluating their policies, and did I mention their immediate gouging?I’ll be very leery of CTD for a long while. Never bought a firearm from them, but bought other stuff. I’ll still wait…for a long, long time.

  66. avatarJavier says:

    D!____ bags

  67. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I’ve been with CTD for years and I always had excellent service, but I was very unhappy when they started playing silly games with gun sales. I wasn’t going to forgive them but if they stop selling to NY and other no good COMMIES, then I think I would do business with them again.

    • avatarjames taylor says:

      hell at the price they made off one ar15 is more than a car lot makes of the sale of a new chevy. there ammo is still priced to screw us I say f@#k em!! never a dime from me again, and I told them to stop sending me emails. 100.00 that’s squat. and shame on us for buying more ammo than we need we are screwing our selfs

  68. avatarDave Lewis says:

    I’m curious as to who owns CTD. Some person is making these stupid decisions. It would really be funny to learn that they’re owned by those same clowns who bought (and royally screwed up) Marlin.

    I used to do a bunch of walk in business at CTD. That way I saved the shipping charges and was ahead even if I had to pay sales tax. They were a convenient stop off I-35 when I found myself in Ft Worth. My biggest gripe was that they never seemed to have much of what I wanted or needed in stock.

    These days I can’t afford the gas to drive from OKC to Fort Worth too often so I’ll give other folks my business.

  69. avatarTman says:

    No. Absolutely NO. SAF gets money? Great. The donation: Just another ripe-as-stench move by a cynical outfit trying to play both sides of the fence. I hope they go out of business when this is all over.

  70. avatarSmaj says:

    The company clearly has no core convictions, other than to price gouge. I will never buy anything from them again.

  71. avatarCaptain Catsup says:

    You gotta be really spineless to change directions that fast and that often. Since we don’t know if we can trust them from day to day, there’s other companies that want my money just as bad, and don’t change with the wind. They’re going to have to earn my trust before they get my money. The donation to SAF was a good start, but only time will tell.

  72. avatarCJ says:

    Their initial statement was “we don’t need to support the community that supports us”. This recent CYA gesture is meaningless. Midway and others have always been there for the community that supports them.CTD can FOAD.

  73. avatarCYRANO says:

    The question I would ask… Are we Charlie Brown and a football? Is CTD Lucy? I am betting yes.

  74. avatarSkyMan77 says:

    I don’t think we have time for flip-flopping …The 100K donation is a good start but I will not be buying any more stuff from these people.

  75. avatarPatrick says:

    I think “price gouging” is a socialist term, and I don’t fully understand the on-and-off firearm sales situation.
    I’ll gladly buy from them in the future if they have what I want for the best price.

  76. avatarShawn says:

    Buds is just as guilty for price hikes. They just got in an AR that they are currently selling at $1300 and a few months ago…$1000. If everyone would calm down and support the companies that are not selling to any form of Government agency…then things will get better.

  77. avatarGatorGrabber says:

    Talk is cheap, trust is earned. It will take quite a lot for me to trust CTD ever again…

  78. avatarWrex says:

    Too little and too late. And they’re still gouging on Mags as of last week (I stopped looking). So, No. Not forgiven.

  79. avatarRKflorida says:

    No, Nada, Never.

  80. avatarRob G says:

    Like most, I’m still very angry with CTD, but I also believe in redemption.

    I’ll never forget what they did, but will wait and watch all their future actions to see whether they are serious.

    If they truly did have a change of heart and will amend all their past greedy gouging and spineless policy flip-flopping ways, I will forgive them and consider doing business with them again.

  81. avatarBill says:

    Dead to me. They did hardcore wrong when it actually mattered. F’Them. They do as much as they want now, doesn’t matter.

    If we start flip flopping to their side now, we are no better than they are. They drop kicked our trust and the took a poo on it. What’s stopping them from doing it again?

  82. avatarjake45 says:

    Larry Potterfeld, is the CEO and founder of Midway. He let the lefties know that he is a shooter for the shooters. Midway is less expensive anyway. CTD is dead to me!

  83. I think they should be partially forgiven. If we treat all companies with the attitude of “screw up once and burned for life”, what incentive do they have to change for the better? We have to show that you can screw up, but if you make amends and start doing the right things, we’ll accept you.

    I will continue to watch CtD carefully, but they are no longer on my blacklist.

  84. avatarTom W says:

    Sorry CTD, A Colt 30rd. mag $99? No ammo prices listed for any caliber last mailing I received. Not even “non-high demand” caliber prices were listed.

    There is nothing “Cheaper Than Dirt” about them, and I have purchased several items from them in the past.

    No more.

    Plenty of other folks with principles to consider first rather than profits and what the “lawyers” say.

  85. avatarMoonshine says:

    Still charging $99.97 for 30-round PMAGs. Fvck ‘em; they’ll never see a cent from me.

  86. avatarJames1000 says:

    Two words…F$$k em.

  87. avatarCS says:

    Nobody has any guns anyway, so what’s the difference?

  88. avatarJoshinIA says:

    never bought from them before, they were never the cheapest and I sure wont be in the future. Pussies.

  89. avatarAccur81 says:

    I’m more inclined to support CTD again if they continue their support of the SAF and the 2A. Sure, they screwed up, and I don’t trust them. More donations and support of legit 2A causes may change that. I’m still not shopping CTD, but I could forgive if they support freedom.

  90. Angry White Dude will never again darken the door of Cheaper Than Dirt. Not only did they appease the Dims over Sandy Hook, I’ve found their employees to be extremely arrogant.


  91. avatardarkstar says:

    Nope, screw ‘em. It’s all good and fine they are donating to 2A causes and their stance towards NYC LEO’s but to me it’s like crying crocodile tears.

    And anyways I’m a vindictive bastard so……

  92. avatark4R-15 says:

    I want to see how CTD holds the line over the next year before I consider going back to them.

  93. avatarstormchaser says:

    I have purchased from them in the past via their web store and I also visited two locations in the Dallas area as I have friends there. I had ordered some P-mags at the very beginning of the panic and the items were in stock, yet my order was canceled. When I went back to the site the items were still in stock but the price had been jacked. I understand supply and demand and the necessity to raise prices to a point but cancelling the order with product in stock was effing dirty. And now I know I should have bought them on Black Friday.

    First of all, as others have noted the prices and shipping were not necessarily the best.

    Secondly, a one-time donation to SAF? What did they do last year or the year before or I don’t know, every year? This is not a small business and that amount does not impress me.

    Third, are they going to be in business in the future or are there enough gun owners boycotting them to shut them down for good?

    They are working in the right direction but it will take them a long time to demonstrate to many, myself included, that they are worthy. Remember Ruger?
    At this time I can’t say never as I am not a very old man, but if they want any of my business or that of people I know, any time in the foreseeable future, then they had better get a couple dozen P-mags in the mail, no charge, right away.

  94. avatarBuddy says:

    CTD will never see another cent of my money. Their price gouging on things like magazines and their flip-flopping on policies has shown that they don’t deserve my business.

  95. avatarRoss says:

    Dead to me.

  96. avatarAZRon says:

    Yeah, and all of the morally superior butt-nugget operators on this site wont send money to CTD as soon as they see AR or Glock magazines offered for one penny less than the competition.

    Whatever. Please attempt to, at some point in your life, get real.

  97. avatarDarrell Hacker says:

    They have shown their true colors… And those colors are not red, white and blue. I would say more of a yellowish strain…Never again, not one penny.
    Heck, I wouldnt give em air if I had em in a jar.

  98. avatarCrunkleross says:

    Dumber than Dirt. Yeh.

  99. avatarensitu says:

    CTD can FOAD

  100. avatarDaniel says:

    Cheaper Than Dirt = Fair Weather Friends.

    They are dead to me.

  101. avatarDisThunder says:

    Not feeling it. When things were at their darkest in December, and we were getting it from all sides, they joined Dick’s and a bunch of other fair weather assholes running to the nearest politically-correct fix. Now that we’re angry, mobilized and organized, and it’s looking like we might be able to turn this thing around, they want to come back into the fold.
    Maybe you don’t need to go out of business, but you’ll still have to do without mine.

  102. avatarAnmut says:

    CTD can FOAD.

  103. avatarBob says:

    The owners are chicken shits. They will not have anyone’s back if it ever comes down to SHTF. They can’t buy their way out of this one IMO. It’s too late. They showed who they really are.

  104. avatarMmmtacos says:

    I’ll still buy from them based on these provisions:

    1. Their latest action is clearly pro-2A
    2. No one else has the part in stock for a comparable price

    That being said I still want what I want, and I will stand on principle to not order from them if they’re being dicks again. But they seem to be trying to clear up their stance now. Cowards they may be, but if their stance is in line with mine then it’s another ally. They can have my money if they have what I want, but they’ll be the last stop now, not the first or second anymore.

  105. avatarTod says:

    CTD is dead to me. I don’t care if they’re the last place on earth to buy anything gun related, ditch out on me in the critical firearms fight and you’re non-existant. The same goes for deserters that continue patronage with cowardly CTD. My 2 cents.

  106. avatarchrisahoward says:

    I use to spend about 250.00 a month with them over the last few years. I will never buy from them again for not standing up for he 2A when they could have , despite any perceived business risks. Will not go near Dick’s again either.

  107. avatarToo close to Chicago says:

    Nope. No forgiveness. They are still gouging. $79 for a glock 17 mag is ridiculous.

    • avatarLowne says:

      Using “Too close to Chicago” as a reference point…

      If CTD were being charged $59 for each G17 Mag, yes, I’d remain their customer.

      CTD is NOT being charged that much by their distributor and we all know it! How do we know it? BECAUSE OTHER RETAILERS AREN’T CHARGING $79 FOR G17 MAGS!

      THAT’S how you know when a company is price gouging.

      So all of you “Supply and Demand” asshats can piss off. If it WERE NOT price gouging, then everyone would be charging approximately the same amount! THAT is Supply and Demand!

  108. avatarWillyv says:

    F**k ‘em. I will not purchase from them again, just like I will not purchase from Dick’s, even if they changed their mind, started selling ARs again, and gave a million dollars to the NRA.

  109. avatarAharon says:

    If I had no other choice to obtain a product that I had to have I would then consider CTD as a seller of last resort.

  110. avatarLowne says:


    Oh wait, have I responded to this already. It seems as if I have…

  111. avatarRoger Cain says:

    CTD can FOAD

  112. avatarstyrgwillidar says:

    Well, better late than never. Welcome to the party pal…

    Glad to see them on board with the NY (hopefully to be CA LEO as well) boycott. We need as many firearm/ammo/accessory mfrs and retailers involved as possible.

    I’ll consider buying from them if they’re competitive. But it will be only after trying to buy from companies that didn’t waiver first.

  113. avatarracer88 says:

    Dead! They canceled existing mag orders and then jacked up prices. They told customers they could reorder at the new prices. FOAD!

  114. avatarGov. William J. Le Petomane says:


  115. avatarMike B says:

    i wouldn’t relieve my self on a cheaper than dirt building if it was on fire, bout i would gladly help relocate some of their merchandise to my trunk so it wont go to waste

  116. avatarBill F says:

    Dead to me, dead and in the ground.

  117. What did CTD pay TTAG for this survey?

  118. avatarchris k. meadows says:

    No. We need to band together and support manufactures and retailers who have made the right decisions. Larue Tactical has my business for life and Cabella’s recently made the right decision. Cheaper Than Dirt, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Walmart have lost my business for life. Vote with your wallet and let business who profit from the second amendment but don’t support it fail and be replaced by businesses who do support it. What use are fair weather friends?

  119. avatarmike marriam says:

    Does anybody know who owns CTD? How is the company organized?
    Wouldn’t it be funny if someone against the 2a and working to eliminate private gun ownership capitalized on the profit opportunity offered by the current buying frenzy to fund their cause. That seems like the kind of delicious irony that the obambots would enjoy.

  120. avatartommy r says:

    they should have their ffl revoked and everybody should boycott their backstabbing buisness.

  121. avatarNazgul says:

    The Nazgul is not pleased with the reports regarding this vendor.

  122. I’ll never forget and I’ll never forgive them.

    Not that it matters. I only made one purchase from them and as a result my e-mail was shared with spammers.

    The stuff they sell has been, in my view, junk and overpriced and now even more overpriced.

  123. avatarMH says:

    I stopped supporting them when they refused to ship firearms to Maryland, through a completely legal transfer to dealer.
    I don’t buy their crocodile tears. They won’t get my business at all after the games that they have played.

  124. avatarMax says:

    F%^K CTD. These a__holes are still trying to charge $99.97 + shipping for 1 PMAG. Never again, and I make sure to tell all my friends too.

  125. avatarScott says:

    Never again.

  126. avatarMy Name Is Bob says:

    Send a dozen more diamond level sponsorships to SAF, then we can talk. Also, if they took EVERY SINGLE CENT above fair market value they got for things like the $100 mags and $3k+ colt AR’s and forwarded that money to SAF, I think I could feel better about them.

  127. avatarMattk says:

    Not until they apologize officially and stop price gouging.

  128. avatarJustin says:

    Nope. They are STILL gouging on prices, even without considering the flip-flop of their policies… should change their name to CheaperThanGold(Barely).

  129. avatarJoseph Banks says:

    I used to do business with CTD for many years, but after their cowardly response to Sandy Hook and their current price gouging on magazines and ammo they will never receive another dime of my money. Sorry but they showed their true colors and are now paying the price for it. 100k for the 2A foundation will not buy their way back into my good graces.

  130. avatarDave says:

    Never. Period. It is good that people finally see them for what they are. It is not possible for them to make it right with me, no matter how many hundreds of kilobucks they spend trying to suck up. Those mercenaries are only after your money.

  131. avatarBill says:

    No. I’ll spend my money with true supporters of 2nd amendment, like Midway Usa. I think anything CTD is doing now is just cover work to re-capture lost revenue from bending over their customers on the P-mag/gun sales issue or just to save face since they were a supporter of the NRA’s TV shows and they got the back hand from the NRA.

  132. avatarBrian Koppelman says:

    That $100K donation is chump change compared to the greedy gouging they did to us on Pmags and everything else. You have to give respect to get it and this is far too little too late.

  133. avatargrayfox114 says:

    Forgive, but don’t forget. We’ve all made decisions that we later regretted, and it’s a learning process. As for the poor souls in Kalif, sorry, but that’s the price and problem with living there, and the reason I no longer live there. CTD and the other mfgrs are doing the right thing, and need to stick to their guns. The good citizens, and most importantly, the law enforcement officers in the affected states, need to raise a hue and cry and show that their and our rights per the 2nd amendment are not to be affected and changed by the actions of a few mental patients on the streets and a large group of them in DC!

    • avatarLindsay says:

      Grey Fox 114, you are the wisest of all. We need to not lose site of what the real problem was, and is: Political exploitation of the situation for a specific agenda. If you don’t stay focused on the front site, you’ll never keep track of the bull. Don’t arbitrarily punish allies for a lapse in judgement, encourage them to review their position, see the error and take another shot at it. We all hit the mark that way.

  134. avatarjames says:

    No. CTD got their last dime from our group. That is great they are “on board” now, and some may forgive them, but to us they showed their true colors, so let them go to the wayside.

  135. $99.95 for a PMAG. Enough said.

  136. avatarEric Carr says:

    They’re selling PMags for $100.00 each. They are dead to me.

  137. avatarJeff says:

    I have heard of gouging but this is down right robbery!!! I will never buy from CTD!!! CTD is no friend to the lovers of this country and the 2nd Amendment.

  138. avatarCaptain says:

    100K to Gun Rights — well, that just means they sold 1000 of the basic AR mags they are selling for $99.95 each!! I am finished with them!!

  139. avatarSuspect Number 3 says:

    The had a problem with my living in Maryland (I must admit i do too), and made the ‘feel good’ political decision. But also, things can be forgiven, but not forgotten).

    - I can understand them making a choice if they have a honest ‘good and substantial’ explanation, perhaps a cousin of his wife lost a child in the shooting.
    - they started selling again, again reason(s) unknown.
    Demonstrates a lack of 2A support. Strike 1

    - It seems from the above, they canceled valid orders, then raised the price, and were willing to ship ‘from stock’ at the new price.
    Poor Ethics. Strike 2

    - Made a very large donation to people that really need it right now.
    Questionable Motive Checked Swing

    - Raising Prices, Supply&Demand – It is nice to know that I can get it somewhere if I must have it. Checked Swing

    - Raising Prices from ‘reasonable’ to ‘Mad Max’ in 1 step. If you raise prices so steeply that people are talking about you, and not the lack of supply from the Factory, you are not passing on costs, you are scalping. Customer Abuse Outfielder just missed it.

    - Not listing prices in print, pain in the ass, but print does have a lead time, and they have a web site. They get a pass on this one.

    - Not coming out with a public explanation, Bad Form Outfielder just missed catching it because the mascot got in the way, a Cute kid caught it – made the kids day – and the school bully stopped picking on him. Foul Ball

    Ball has been thrown, and they have decided the Bunt this.

    (a donation of less than 50.000$ next year to SAF – will be Strike 3

  140. avatarInBox485 says:

    CTD was a cuntwad long before this, and nothing functional has changed. They still don’t sell perfectly legal items to CA because you know the CA AWB kinda sort of implied that maybe these features could kinda sorta be scary as well, they still cower to the whims of gun banners, and they still price gouge whenever they can get away with it. Short of a top down purge and change in management, they can go screw.

  141. avatarniceguns says:

    As soon as Dicks sporting goods announced after sandy book that they
    Will no longer sell assault rifles( as if the rifle assaulted someone) I immediately
    Sent them an email and told them to cancel my Dicks card and I will never patronize cheaper then dirt either. They had a choice and they made the wrong one, sorry…

  142. avatarBandit says:

    Taking advantage of the same loyal customers who built their company is disgusting.
    Gander Mountain keeps a pretty good stock of things without gouging.
    I have been watching them selling various AR platform rifles at list prices, and not the $3000 to $4000 some are charging.
    They also sell their .223 ammo at normal prices, not the 3x $20 a box CTD is charging.
    This is a vivid demonstration of what CTD cares about – their bottom line only, screw the customers who have always supported then.

  143. avatarwasntme says:

    That’s a big donation SAF needed right now. So what if it was because CTD had a guilty conscious. I haven’t heard of anyone else matching it.

    If I needed a pmag and the best deal I can find is $100 I’d pay it. AR doesn’t make a very good stick.

  144. avatarRobert Miller says:

    Cheaper than dirt needs to rename their company expensive as hell. This is another company gouging the very people that keep them in business,they wont get any more of mine.

  145. avatarDave Evans says:

    Cheaper than Dirt (talk about deceptive) are price-gouging, anything for a buck, scum who are giving a bad name to all supporters of the 2nd amendment. I wonder how their shameless owners would feel if upon getting sick, the hospital required a $10, ooo payment to enter the emergency room? Hey, supply and demand.
    As soon as things get back to normal, most people will remember who treated them fairly and professionally, and which tried to rip them off. Hopefully CTD will go out of business.

  146. avatarFletchman says:

    I will never buy from ctd again, they are not worthy of my business.

  147. avatarrt-texas says:

    NO! HELL NO! F*&# NO! And just in case there is any confusion Nope.

  148. avatarM4T5 says:

    CTD — FU2

  149. avatarTexan says:

    Considering how much they have been gouging customers on ammunition prices as well as firearms prices I’ll spend my money elsewhere no matter what they do. Their back and forth policy changes and the price gouging show a lack of integrity that I want nothing to do with.

  150. avatarDano says:

    NO Friggin way!!! Damn thieves… I hoped they enjoy the highway robbery prices.
    If they sold water in the desert it would have been 50 bucks a sip.

  151. avatarWinston Smith says:

    Screw “Cheaper than Dirt”

    #1- They have been price gouging on .22lr for months. I don’t blame anyone for trying to take advantage if they can get what the market will pay – HOWEVER – I won’t forget their name and will never do business with such an outfit once the shortage ends (which it has, by the way).

    #2- I had no idea they had caved to political correctness earlier this year. That alone would have put them on my black list. Now I just feel better having done so.

    (PS Add LAX Ammo to the list of .22lr price gougers. And I agree with the props for Cabela’s. They stayed true to the actual price of 22lr and all other ammo throughout the last six month panic)

  152. avatarWinston Smith says:

    Case in point: It’s 8/4/2013 and they are charging “our low price” of $149.59 + SH for a measly 375 rounds of bulk .22lr CCI “AR Tactical” (basically, MiniMags)

    That’s 40 cents a round for bulk .22lr ammunition.


    By the way, I picked up two boxes of this at Cabela’s last week for $29.99 … 8 cents a round, which is precisely what it should be.

    The fact that “Cheaper than Dirt” continues this crap is all the more reason to never, never, never buy from them in the future.

  153. Pingback: post gone

  154. avatarRob G says:

    Ok, I’m a little slow because I just now found out I can’t have a gun shipped to Maryland from CTD, so….They are dead to me, will never order from them or tell my friends to either. Besides, I can get s good a deal from Buds Guns or the many other gun sites available. I mean what are these boneheads thinking? That the serious 2nd amendment supporters aren’t going to remember their behavior?
    Well, that’s ok lets hit ‘em where it hurts them, in their wallet.

  155. avatarDave says:

    Cheaper Than Dirt? More like Expensive As Hell…
    No forgiveness for war profiteering. And we are in a war…

  156. avatarHighvoltage says:

    $99 AR mags? $1+/round of xm193? Extra “handling” charges in addition to shipping costs? There is no way I’d ever buy from such a vendor.

    There are way so many companies that provide outstanding customer service, down to the personal level, at reasonable prices. If I have to wait a little while for items to be in stock, it’s worth it, just not to give my hard earned money to CTD.

  157. avatarcanamm says:

    I’ve never bought anything from CTD, because they are anything but cheaper.

  158. avatarglockstr says:

    My brother in law went there the other day and said they were bought out. Any truth to this?

    • avatarglockstr says:

      Disregard, just read where they changed the name to Fort Worth Gun but it’s the same company.

  159. avatarMickeyG says:

    Hell no.

  160. I’m new in this gun community and got a lot to learn,after reading all of these comments about Cheaper Then Dirt / Fort Worth Gun or what ever they call themselves, you can count me in ill never buy from them nor will I refer them to anyone. I’ll continue doing business with Buds Gun Shop and Midway, both are reliable and reasonable .

  161. avatarManny says:

    Remember they want to punish 2nd amendment folk by making prices high by either raising taxes or buying huge amount of product and or any other mechanism they can come of with. You are all correct and not supporting Dick or CTD and any one else that has an agenda of anti-2nd amendment, or any crazy misguided thought about guns. Hypocracy at its best ….do not give them your money.

  162. avatarRDNK TXN says:

    What CTD did was a knee jerk reaction to that CT thing,..many co’s did the same even Armalite. I still use them and will continue.They are alot quicker shipping than Buds too.

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