Question of the Day: Are Gun Control Advocates Insane?

 MD state senator Brian Frosh courtesy

When the Washington Post came to Rhode Island on a “fact finding mission,” I cautioned the rabbi not to say “liberalism is a mental disease.” The rabbi believes that people who agitate for civilian disarmament—making society “safer” by disarming law-abiding citizens—are irrational and delusional. “You can’t reason a person out of a position they weren’t reasoned into in the first place.” Here’s an example of demented disarmament logic [via]: “Dayvon Green [Maryland murder-suicide case] had no criminal history and spent an undisclosed amount of time in a mental facility, but [Sen. Brian E. Frosh, Montgomery Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee] said he thinks the governor’s bill would have at least made it harder for him to kill because it would ban the Uzi that he had but did not use.” Nuts or what?