One If By Land: Armalite’s “Private LEO Sales Only” Policy Violates NY Law

 New York Police (courtesy

TTAG commentator One If By Land posted this underneath ArmaLite: We Won’t Stop Selling to Gun Ban State LEOs

I’ve informed ArmaLite that in NYS, Section 74 (d) of the NYS Public Officer’s law (which applies to ALL government employers, sworn officers and civilians alike) specifically prohibits an employee of the State (or political subdivision) from receiving special benefits (by virtue of their employment with the state) that are not available to the general public. To wit . . .

New York State Consolidated Laws
Section 74 of the Public Officers’ Law.

d). No officer or employee of a state agency, member of the
legislature or legislative employee should use or attempt to use his
official position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for
himself or others.

So, at least in NYS, private sales of “assault weapons” to LEO’s in this state is a violation of the NYS Public Officer’s law, whereas LEO’s use their position to seek exemptions to state law as well as seeking unwarranted privileges not available to the general public, simply by virtue of their position within the government.

Additionally, the recently enacted NY SAFE Act (which outlaws the sales of so-called “assault rifles” in the state), does not even exempt LEO’s in their official capacity as it currently stands, let alone for private sales. Any sales to LEO’s in NYS, including private sales, is in direct conflict with State Law.